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Burma National Airlines Report

View travel reports and find great flight deals for Myanmar National Airlines. Buranmar National Airlines, formerly Union of Burma Airways, Burma Airways and Myanma Airways, is a state-owned airline based in Yangon. Burma National Airlines reviews and flights (with photos) Making this my 2. year I am in MNA working impressive customer-oriented airlines. I have never said no to whatever is possible for the cabin crew.

... Example: I was too thirsty and ordered several of them for running cold running waters..... and each and every tim when they give me a very good grin.....

Winn Htun..... very beautiful services, aircraft, pilot and food. unbelievable their services to the customers. excellent embarkation tim. Beautiful flight from Yangon to Thadwe, Ngapali Beach. Cabin crews were a pleasant laugh, Myanmar, always part of Swiss Mile. Smiling" is important for people. Continue with your business with surface-mesh (SMILE) for the near and far ahead.

The third times I saw the MNA fly, the services began to fall, which does not contradict the fact that all my flight with this carrier in the last 24 month were quite eventless and departed and arrived on schedule. The first is easily accessible, i.e. the choice of the best.....

We were flying a Boeing 737, a rather new one. It was good but the meal was nothing to be written about at home. At the check-in of Le Wit Yee, the services we got were absolute first-rate.

It was a quick and easy journey and the treats we got were very welcome. Following a comparison of some local airlines currently flying in Myanmar, I chose Myanmar National Airlines, although there have been many horrors about Myanmar National Airlines in the past.

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It lasted about an hours but the cabin crew could give out refreshment wipes, then they gave each of the passengers a lunch break and in the third round of services each of the passengers got a beverage. This is an unprecedented standard of 5-star services. Furthermore, the airline boarded on schedule, the plane took off and landed on schedule.

That' a great company. It was a plain buffet lunch, much loved for such a brief trip. Flights on schedule and overall very convenient and pleasant. Added lounges and in-flight menu photos. The food is great in the air, but easy, because it is only a 1 hours fly.

but I don't have regrets. Plenty of room for your feet, good conversation and the possibility to recharge your phone/tablet. The plane was on schedule. It is much better than I expected (snacks, free baggage allowance) given the prices and how poor and costly Europe's air travel has become.

I' d definitely suggest that you fly Myanmar National Airlines. The 45 minutes fast plane ride from Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) to Yangon with Myanmar National Airlines. Once at cruise level, the stewards quickly descended the 2-2 cab with biscuits and then went back to provide tea/coffee with lollipops during the relegation.

It' costly for a brief trip, but a pleasant one. Following two internal trips to Myanmar with two airlines, would have no difficulty with the recommendation. Until Series 8 is Premier but the same type of seats as economy. We boarded fast on both of them. It was a good fit for me, but it will be a big and slightly bigger one.

The security footage was very instructive and was made in Burmese, which could be surprising for a foreigner who has never been on a plane before. Dinner duty began after the seatbelt shields were turned off. RGN-RGN begins with a beverage delivery and a post-dinner run, but RGN-SIN went right into the food. Food was small and not tasty.

and it was surprisingly good food. I was on a trip during the rainy season, so the ride was a little rough, but not to the point where they had to stop onboarding. You also offer duty-free purchases, but on both flights the MNA aircraft was out of print.

You have electricity in the chair and in-flight maintenance by Wi-Fi facility was good, but few supplies. I' m still enjoying it for a 2.5-hour ride.

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