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Promoting Myanmar National Airlines

Quality of service is high and the airline has regular promotions and discounts. Cross-check Myanmar National Airlines fares with other airlines. Myanmar National Airlines. Whilst other airlines will offer cheaper fares to Myanmar, especially AirAsia, Myanmar National Airlines offers a more authentic feel and better overall service. Allow Myanmar National Airlines to book flights online with Expedia.

Looking for the best value for your next vacation on Myanmar National Airlines flight?

Looking for the best value for your next vacation on Myanmar National Airlines flight? Just type in your favourite destination and choose the most comfortable itinerary, timetable and number of stopovers from the Myanmar National Airlines low-cost itinerary. To make things even easier, our clever selection, which includes the suggested options depending on your pricing, is emphasized above.

Burma National Airlines operates several hundred different airlines at affordable fares that you can explore with our fast searcher.

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The Myanmar National Airlines or MNA (UB/UBA) is a state-owned airlines and the national one. Established in 1948, it is Myanmar's oldest airlines and the second oldest in Asia after Malaysia Airlines. Burma National Airlines runs the biggest fleets and is also known to serve most of Myanmar's citysides.

Myanmar National Airline provides first-class services to all Business Class, Prime Economy and Economy clients and is currently the only airline in the nation to provide Business Class with a leg clearance of 43-inch. Free bags for all travelers; Economy Class (20kg), Economy Economy (25kg) and Business Class (30kg), as well as free hand bags with less than 7kg for international use.

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When you want to visit Myanmar with a convenient carrier at an accessible fare - well.... affordably by locals! - Myanmar National Airlines. There is a high level of services and the company has frequent promotional offers and rebates. The Myanmar National Airlines is the oldest carrier in Myanmar.

It was founded in 1948 as Union of Burma Airways, later renamed Burma Airways and given its present name in 2014. Headquartered in Yangon, the carrier has a global aircraft network of 21 aircraft serving 31 national and intercontinental destinations. Myanmar's security track records are not as good as those of other Myanmar airlines.

Myanmar National Airlines' forerunner, Burma Airways, has a very bad security situation with several deaths. Well, the present carrier still has a bad balance sheet. The Myanmar National Airlines offer the largest selection of services connecting Yangon with most of the country's smaller airports. There are two scheduled services a day between Yangon and Mandalay.

The non promotional fare is approximately USD 110 and the trip lasts one and a half h. From Yangon there is a day trip to Nyaung U (Bagan) for USD 110 and a 1h time. There are three departures a day from Yangon to Heho (Inle Lake). The cost of one-way air travel is less than $100 and it only lasts an additional 1h.

Burma National Airlines also serves foreign routes. We have two departures a day between Yangon and Bangkok. Further foreign targets flown to by the company are: From 2015, the Mingalabar Bar will be available to Bus yers. Limousine services to and from the airports are also available at an additional charge.

From Yangon to Bagan take off at 6.30 a.m. Fares for tickets are generally lower than for other Myanmar airlines, both locally and regionally. There is no other national flight in Myanmar offering this. Myanmar National Airlines is reported by many travelers to be less expensive and more dependable than other airlines.

You have many frequent promotional offers and it is sometimes possible to purchase a Yangon - Heho pass for only $52. Making the same fare with another carrier would be almost twice as high. We have had last minutes news of a flight canceled.

Travelers had experienced the cancellation of the Mandalay-Hong Kong service, but the company was paying for their hotels and putting them on their next Hong Kong-fly. However, if you make another connection, it is obviously a great discomfort, as the transfer will not be refunded with another carrier.

Generally, travelers are agreed that Myanmar National Airlines has a great flight attendant, good dining and first-class services.

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