Myanmar name Meaning

Burma Name Meaning

Nor do Burmese women use their husbands' names. Myanmar is a monosyllabic language, and every part of our names is a real word that means something or even several things depending on the pronunciation. One trader I know was aptly called "overcoming a hundred thousand," while the rector of Rangoon University, Dr. Htin Aung, is "excellent and successful. So, if the meaning of both names is the same, you should keep the English version of Burma.

And I was delivered at home at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

One of the first syllables, Tun, of the name "Tun Ba Kaung", stands for Saturday, for example.

There' 33 dictionaries in Myanmar. Then the Myanmar alphabet is categorised with the corresponding weekdays.

It' regarded as a rude way of giving a person's name directly.

It is customary in Myanmar to call a foreigner with the appropriate terms "brother", "sister", "uncle", "aunt", "grandfather", "grandmother".

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