Myanmar name Change

Change Myanmar name

In the minority areas, too, the names have changed, and here it was a real change. It will change its position on Myanmar and call it Burma again. Meanwhile, the AFO changed its name to AFPFL (Antifascist.

Roheingya compelled kids to change name, conceal race to visit Myanmar school.

The Myanmar government uses Myanmar's name and the people use Rohingya's name. Kutupalong Mohammad Halad said his name was Nay San Aung. He says the name of the Boli Bazar in Maungdaw is Kyein Chaung, Hazi Bill Sa Bai Kone, Balukhali Thea Chaung, Shilkhali Kyauk Chaung, Nasha Puru Ngar Sar Kyu and Zebong Khali Zee Pin Chaung.

The several hundred towns of Maungdaw Buthiadaung and Rathedaung also have double name.

Origin of the name "Myanmar".

Myanmar is the name of Burma used at the beginning of the twelfth centuries, but its origins are still unknown, but Myanmar scholars agree that the name was taken from "Brahmadesh" in Sanskrit, meaning the "land of Brahma" Hindu god of all things. Burma - the gold lands. Burma became" Burma" in May 1989, along with changes in the British name of various parts of the state.

The capital "Rangoon", for example, has been re-named "Yangon". Myanmar " is the name of the land in Myanmar, while the "Bama" (from Burma) is the slang name. Many exile groups in Burma today still use the name "Burma" because they do not recognize the legality of Myanmar's junta and do not change the name of the state.

A number of occidental nations such as the United States, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom still use the name "Burma"; the EU uses both the name " Burma " and " Myanmar "; the UN uses the name " Myanmar ". Use of the name "Burma" is still widespread in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Myanmar ethnical leaders propose to change the name of the land to strengthen it.

One of the more interesting outcomes of the Middle East Naypyitaw peacemaking discussions, an Mon racial leaders in a declaration published today proposed that a change of name to the land of Myanmar could lead to, well, something else creating a more inclusive people. It was named Burma after Burma's sovereignty until the army transformed it into Myanmar in 1989, one of the junta's reasons being that "Myanmar" was not specifically for the predominant ethnical group, the Bamar, or Myanmar.

A number of members of various national groups, the administration, the military as well as various members of various factions are reading at the meeting today. Myanmar seems unlikely to change its name again, as many in the rest of the rest of the world have adjusted, and Aung San Suu Kyi, who held on to Burma for policy when she resisted the regime, has not made it a problem.

Goverment officers seemed less enthusiastic about the concept, but were open to discuss. Their name is not so important," he said.

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