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The majority of northern Myanmar is closed to foreigners, mainly due to the history of the conflict between the army and ethnic militias in Kachin State. Receive the N'hkrut weather forecast. Myanmar flag Current local time in Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon). Vacancies at A & N Foods Myanmar Co. There are many urban areas along the disruption.

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Myanmar's Aung La N Sang has ONE chance at fame in his home town Yangon.

Is Aung La N Sang going to make Yangon february 23rd and win the ONE World Light Heavyweight Crowns? The ONE Championship will come to the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar for the first Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in 2018: Aung La N Sang, the Burmese Python's Aung La N Sang, will meet Alexandre "Bebezao" Machado in the major tournament for the cleared ONE World Championship in light heavyweight after reigning champions Roger Gracie retires.

Co-Headliner of the meeting is a match between two lightweights from New Zealand, the Malaysian Ev "The Extraterrestrial" Ting and the Costarican contender Ariel "Tarzan" Sexton. These two heavyweights will provide an enthralling battle that will take the winner another stage towards the crown. On the menu is also the unbeaten Japan's Daichi Takenaka, who will make his promotion début against ONE South Korean vet Dae Hwan Kim, while Philippine featherweight Roel Rosauro will also make his début against another Chinese ONE vet in the opening game.

One of the largest sponsorship of combat sports in Asia, ONE also has some of the best talent in the area. There will be no lack of local Asiatic talent to show off their cages. These are some of the South East Asiatic warriors and their games that are well deserved to be watched in ONE:

Khan is a 23-year-old warrior who fights from Singapore, not to be mistaken for the English pros. He will have done his job for him as he faces Russian Nastyukhin, who is just after a decisive win over Koji Ando, after he recovered from the wounds almost a year away from the cages.

There is a high probability that this battle will not go over the range with two aggressives on opposite sides of the cages. With 33 years Thaw is not the ideal picture of an up-and-coming talented person. But the former Lethwei contender switched to MMA in 2015 and set a 5-0 victory with four knockouts, making him the next break-out champion in the state.

Thaw fights like N Sang out of Yangon and will be delighted with an overwhelming defeat of Sor Sey from Cambodia. This 36-year-old Cambodian has won three fights, but was last seen in a ONE cages in 2015. By the way, he will be the first warrior from another nation Thaw will face in his ONE championship careers.

This match-up will see two local fighting sports events in lethwei (Myanmar) and Kun Khmer (Cambodia) compete against each other. The 18-year-old Saw Min Min Min is in the fly-weight class against the 20-year-old Ye Thway Ne. He knocks out his first adversary and submits to his adversary in the finals.

It was Ye Thway Ne (2-1) who won his match in the same race, but had to retire from the final due to injuries. They will at last have the opportunity to meet at this forthcoming tournament and both contestants are ready to show that their early victory is no coincidence.

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