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Now that BURMA has just completed a decade of independence. In recent years, Myanmar has made progress in tobacco control. Earn-earned media/public relations were used to promote the campaign. n/a. Sales, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a.

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Myanmar's Aung La N'Sang becomes second two-time world champion

Voltaire Lozada, our husband, sums up how Aung La N'Sang became ONE dual champions in just 56 seconds: The Quest For Gold ended with the coronation of a new champ as Aung La N'Sang and Alexandre Machado fought for the ONE Light Heavyweight Light Weight Championship.

After the reigning champions, Roger Gracie, were eliminated from the tournament, the championship was announced as vacuum. Gracie's countryman Alexandre Machado wanted to keep the championship on her side of the world, but met a resolute Aung and a bunch of Myanmar partisans. N'Sang provided a head-butt so disastrous that even Machado's bloc was not enough to neutralise its full power.

Now ONE Middleweight and Light Heavyweight World Champions, N'Sang is the second winner to have two different titles at the same time. The ONE Featherweight World Cup winner Martin Nguyen is the first dual World Cup winner after winning the ONE Lightweight World Championship last November.

Nastyukhin was the attacker during the whole lap and landed neat shots on Khan. In spite of his best endeavours, Khan could not get a clear hit, which was frustrating towards the end of the round. He was always on the defence against Nastyukhin. He was methodically cautious in his attack, not frivolous, although he rocked Khan with an early right backhand and a loose knees in the second lap.

Aware that he was outgunned in the game, Khan went up in flames on the last lap and put Nastyukhin on the defence with a host of strokes he could not make sooner at nigh. But Nastyukhin got a high kickoff, which put Khan in a good posture to kill him, but the Russian could get away unharmed again.

Less than a minutes before the match, Khan ended up with a giant knees that seemed to rat Nastyukhin a second blast, but he was able to restore the rip. Then, he took Khan by surprise with a take-down try that turned into a slow and neutralized Khan until the end of the game.

But before Sey could rest, Thaw kicked Sey's pine directly and the ref entered immediately before Sey could be harmed even more. At the evening's major meeting, Ariel Sexton and Ev Ting fought a tough battle. Ting turned a Sexton back row nude choker into a slow that ended with the umpire asking both contestants to get up.

Sexton continued his unrelenting assaults and even scored a few take downs. Sexton later strangled Ting. He had to verify that Ting was still awake, which he wondrously demonstrated by trying to find a way out and get back on his feet. 2.

In the last lap, when the two warriors were still too near, they put the other. Sesto kicked Ting in the back of the Castro. Sexton tried to await the ref, but Ting had none.

At Sexton he dived for a row of an elbow before Sexton got away and got back on his feet. 6. At the end, the magistrates ruled their destiny when two of them proclaimed Ting the first.

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