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Burma Myanmar Dictionary

The Ornagai is an online English to Myanmar, Myanmar to English dictionary. The whole English-Myanmar word from the MZ dictionary. To the women who became pregnant during last year's wave of attacks in Myanmar, telling the truth means losing everything. The system involves the development of a bilingual Myanmar-English-Myanmar dictionary. These few words will enable you to speak like a decent person when you arrive in Myanmar.

Burma Dictionary

Download Free Myanmar Dictionary and English Myanmar Dictionary for Android Mobile Game. For the Myanmar translator who translates words from Myanmar into English and into English into Myanmar. ? Fast dynamically searching for words as you enter them. Bidirectional searching between Myanmar and English. In the Myanmar dictionary, you can select the term "Favorite" after the asterisk.

? Makes it simple to convert Myanmar's terminology into either German or French. For those who want to study and evolve their own languages in Myanmar or England. The Myanmar Dictionary is an off-line dictionary that does not require an online dictionary to work. Click on the loudspeaker symbol to hear the German text.

Dictionary, please evaluate and check it.

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This is a dictionary for translation between English and the language Myanmar. The members of the Myanmar Language Commission and the two Myanmar-English Dictionary Work Committee involved in the creation of this dictionary have been included. This first English-Burmese dictionary was created and released by Adoniram Judson and is still available in a new version.

Toun Nyein:[1] dictionary and Tet Toe dictionary are known among Myanmar language undergraduates. Professor of Myanmar at the University of London 1948-1980, Hla Pe worked with others on the Burmese-English dictionary projects that began in 1925 under the auspices of the Burma Research Society and resumed at Rangoon University and then at the School of orientental and African Studies (London).

The small group has 5 volume of the dictionary, each with 80 large-format pages, but is still not complete. The Oxford Dictionary 4 publisher C. T. Onions said: "The live of a dictionary ist is the live of a canine, but a lexicograph generally lingers into old age". The same applies to several participants in these Myanmar lexicons.

Vicky Bowman, San San San Hnin Tun Burmese Phrasebook Lonely Planet 2001 Page 10 "The best available bi-lingual dictionary is the 1993 Myanmar-English dictionary".

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