Myanmar must see

I want Myanmar to see.

On the journey of his life, discover his sights here. Sights in Myanmar. Discover the best places and attractions in Myanmar to visit. An exhaustive list of activities in Mandalay, Burma Myanmar. You can visit many incredible places on your travels to Myanmar, but above all a city is a must.

Myanmar Must-Lakes - Myanmar Travel

For over 1,000 years Bagan and its thousand magnificent sanctuaries has been a vision. Myanmar's most beloved tourist attraction is Bagan, and the most catchy way to enjoy its beauties is a stunning hot-air ballooning flight at twilight or night.

Imagine: a huge, gilded rock with a rocky outcrop on a 1000 metre high crag. It' sounded like an incredible view - and it is. That' s why you have to see to really believe it. The Kyaiktiyo Zedi, known as the Kyaiktiyo Zedi, is a rock of rock crystal uncovered with a layer of pure sheet of pure goldfibre and is thought by the local people to be kept in place by one of the wonders of Buddha and is said to contain a hemline.

The visit here is a Myanmar Buddhist outing. Getting to the summit is no simple task: Tourists must ascend the 777 stairs to get to the convent and take in the bird's view of Bagan and the summit of Mount Popa. The 2,500-year-old Shwedagon pit is situated in Myanmar's busy culture capitol Yangon on Singuttara Hill and is probably the best known and most attractive pit stop in the state.

Over 300 ft, this towering and venerated marble podium is decked with fine golden leaves and diamond and radiates a beautiful light every noon. Shwedagon is the holiest Buddhist site in Myanmar because of its strong Buddhist relic and strong presentait. Would you like to know more about Myanmar Travel?

Sightseeing and Activities at Inle Lake

Kids who grow up on Inle Lake in Myanmar are taught to run first, then to steer a boat. To search for Inle lake properties, please review Agoda availabilities. In addition to a camcorder and sun protection, you will also need to wear hot clothes; it may have fried in Bagan, but it is freezing on the lakes.

The travel agencies and guidebooks of Inle Lake have an establishment touristic itinerary, but if you follow it, you will not be happy if you try to discover the "real" sea cultur. Though Myanmar only drew about 300,000 West Korean visitors in 2011, Inle's tourism itinerary is small and crowded with ships full of migrants.

You can ( or should) skip a few stopovers on the North Sea. This is categorized by some as the No. 4 Myanmar Pagoda in view of the amazing number of Stupa in the state. Nampan, mainly a fishing village, is one of the bigger ones on the North Sea and early in the morning you can see children from the age of 3 or 4 canoeing, ladies washing linen or even swimming (with clothes) in the sea.

My young leader, asking me to take pictures all the time and slower, found out what I wanted to see and moved to another Myanmar town next to Nampan and then to an Intha town behind instead of going back into the town. Here the clear seawaters of Nampan and the luxuriant slopes gave way to swampy streams and rough seas.

In Phaw Khone, a working class community dedicated to the weavings of silks, wool and lotuses, lies just off Nampan. Sure, it was a little touristic snare, completely with a grocery at the end of the trip, but the weave didn't stop when the visitors went and the overwhelming part of the final product was selling at souvenir shops, not in them.

Since there is no grain growing area, the inhabitants of Inle have created their own "floating gardens". A long drive back to the Nyaungshwe you get the big final of the day: It is a town with a divided personality: half on the sea, half on the countryside. They see a woman wearing fire-wood strings on her head, school children in uniforms getting out of school and the mandatory international pair cycling from Nyangshwe.

On the edges of the waters, ladies work in the field, and if you are too far away, you' ll be able to capture fisherman who return from the sea, and if you're fortunate, even a sundown. They are all easy to do, but the scene is so nice and the mood so relaxing that you hover away from Inle Lake and feel like you have seen something new.

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