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Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims try to cross the river between Myanmar and Bangladesh every day. Myanmar is a place of frequent clashes between Myanmar Muslims and Buddhists. The Rohingya families drown after fleeing violence in Myanmar - video report. Rishabh Jain, a video journalist, contributed to this report.

The Rohingya crisis: Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visits Muslim refugees in Myanmar

UKHIYA, Bangladesh -- The United Nations International Organization for Migration said on Tuesday that the number of Rohingya migrants fleeing Myanmar's violent flight to Bangladesh has increased to 370,000 since August 25, the Reuters press office said. Estimates had previously been made that 310,000 members of the Muslim minorities had escaped from the troubled Rakhine state.

On Tuesday, the Bangladesh Premier paid a visit to a group of refugees who have taken in some of the hundred thousand Rohingya refugees. Myanmar's Premier Sheikh Hasina called on Myanmar to "take action to bring back its nationals" and pledged interim assistance until then. Monday evening, she insulted Myanmar's Buddhist minority for "atrocities", saying that she had gone beyond what was described by saying to legislators that she had "no words to convict Myanmar" and remarking that Bangladesh had long protested against the prosecution of Rohingya Muslims.

A minimum of 313,000 Rohingya have invaded Bangladesh since 25 August, when Rohingya insurgent policemen assaulted and persuaded Myanmar's army to exterminate the insurgency with so-called "evacuation operations". UN Head of the UN said that the brutality and unfairness the Rohingya Ethnic Minorities face in Myanmar - where UN law enforcement agencies have been excluded from entering the country - "seems to be a model book for ethnocleans.

" "Myanmar's Myanmar administration should stop claiming that the Rohingya are burning their own houses and devastating their own villages," Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein said in Geneva on Monday, describing it as a "complete rejection of reality". "Meanwhile, a Rohingya man in Myanmar said the police had reached Pa Din on Monday by launching weapons, starting new fire in houses and sending away several hundred Rohingya.

"The villagers were afraid and ran out of the village," said the villagers, talking on an anonymous basis for his own security. The Myanmar P.D. denied that the homes were burnt by what they named Bengalesesters. Many in Myanmar use this word scornfully to describe the Rohingya who emigrated from neighbouring Bangladesh despite the fact that many Rohingya family have been living in Myanmar for generation.

In Bangladesh, it said it would release 2,000 acres for a new warehouse in Cox's Bazar to protect the new Rohingya. The Kutupalong and other Rohingya bearings were already overburdened. The relief organizations are overpowered by the flow of Rohingya, many of whom arrive starving and traumatised after having walked through the jungle for a few day or having been packaged in shaky wood craft in Bangladesh in their quest for security.

There are many who tell similar tales of Myanmar troops shooting randomly at their communities, burn down their houses and warn them to walk or not. Over the last two wards, the Cox' Bazar Regional Hospitals have been overpowered by the Rohingya patient population, and 80 have arrived with bullet and severe infection in the last two wards.

Three Rohingya were injured in landmine explosions and tens of them were killed by drowning when vessels went overboard during the crossing. Myanmar's officials said more than a weeks ago that about 400 Rohingya - mostly rebels - had been killed in troopers.

In Myanmar, Rohingya was discriminated against and persecuted for many years and refused nationality despite centuries-old Rakhine County. Prior to August 25, Bangladesh had already taken in more than 100,000 Rohingya, who came to Myanmar after violent anti-Muslim riots in 2012 or under previous chases.

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