Myanmar Muslim Population 2016

Burma Muslim population 2016

Up-to-date information about Myanmar's population in 2018. Myanmar has entered a new era after decades of military rule. of the population, while Muslims make up 4.3 percent. Moslems in western Rakhine State near Sittwe, Myanmar, on 3 May 2016.

Burma is losing ten million people in the census.

Burma is sending forces to the Muslim majoritarian regions after deaths

Officers believe that members of the Muslim racial Rohingya group carried out three distinct assaults in the early morning of Sunday, during which tens of guns and more than 10,000 laps of ammo were confiscated by the frontier patrol. We have nine officers dead, one reported dead and five injured. According to LAPD, eight assailants were murdered and two were taken prisoner.

Rohingya, which are mostly stateless and strictly restricted in their movement, represent the vast majority of the population in the state. There was no information published on the operations near a frontier police station in Kyiganbyin where up to 90 attackers confiscated guns and escaped into the hells.

"The Tatmadaw, policemen and the Ministry of Border Affairs are working together to guarantee safety and re-establish order," said Min Aung, a Rakhine state secretary who refused to announce the number of troops deployed in the area. Maungdaw's steward Ye Htut said he was unaware of the surrounding Kyiganbyin town, which is under the command of the military guards.

Muslims in the city of Maungdaw shut down their businesses amidst the increased safety footprint, he said. "So we' re not concerned about safety. Fortify Rights group' spokesman Matthew Smith said the existing limitations on the Muslim population made North Rakhine State "a policing state, an apart-heid state".

"Violation of Uprising principles in the north of Rakhine State is not new," Smith said. The bloodyest Sunday in the state since 2012, when more than 100 persons were slaughtered in conflicts between Rohingya and Rakhine Buddhists. Myanmar State Councillor and Secretary of State Aung San Suu Kyi - who in August named former UN leader Kofi Annan as leader of an UN consultative committee on the Rakhine state condition - debated the assaults with law enforcement officers in an emergencies session on Sunday, said Kyaw Tin, the State Department of State.

Bangladesh authorities said Myanmar sealed the frontier after the attack. And Bangladesh sent extra frontier patrols, said Mohammad Tanvir Alam Khan, a frontier patrol officer from Bangladesh. The Myanmar Sheriff Zaw Win said his troop is looking into possible connections between the aggressors and insurgent groups. He also cited large local drug buses - some 6 million methamphetamines were confiscated in September - as possible triggers for the terrorist attack.

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