Myanmar Muslim Photo

Burma Muslim Photo

Rohingya Muslims are fleeing violence in Burma. Pictures have appeared of the body of a little boy who was allegedly a Muslim child of Rohingya who drowned while fleeing violence in the Burmese state of Rakhine. A Rohingya refugee after crossing the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Picture credits: HLA HLA HTAY/AFP/Getty Images. In Chechnya, millions of demonstrators condemn the persecution of Myanmar Rohingya Muslims (FOTO, VIDEO).

The Rohingya European Council says up to 3,000 Muslims in Myanmar were murdered within 3-day.

The Rohingya European Council said on Monday that between 2,000 and 3,000 Muslims have been murdered in Myanmar's state of Rakhine in the last three outbreaks. Anita Schug, Council spokesperson, informed the Anadolu agency that between 2,000 and 3,000 Muslims in Rakhine state have perished and tens of thousand others have been wounded in what she called a "slow-burning genocide".

"It[ the Rakhine situation] is a persistent, slow-burning genocide," said Shug, blaming Myanmar's army for standing behind the dead. It said that almost a thousand Muslims were murdered on Sunday in the town of Saugpara alone in Rathedaung. Over 100,000 Muslims have been evicted in Rakhine, while another 2,000 are held prisoner on the Thai-Bangladesh Myanmar frontier, which was shut down by the Bangladesh administration, added Sug.

On Friday, fatal assaults erupted on frontier guards in the West Burmese state of Rakhine, which led to massive civil deaths. Later on, press coverage appeared that Myanmar's police used excessive levels of power, evicted tens of thousand of Rohingya village people and destroyed houses with murderers and machineguns. Since the outbreak of municipal power in 2012, there has been a smouldering tense situation in the area between the Buddhist and Muslim population.

In Maungdaw in October last year, where Rohingya forms the minority, a safety measure introduced a UN reporting on breaches of fundamental freedoms by members of the UN police force, pointing to atrociousness. The Rohingya representative said that about 400 persons were killed during the surgery. Rohingya are the biggest state free society in the whole wide globe and one of the most oppressed nationalities.

With a similar accent to Chittagong in southeastern Bangladesh, many in Myanmar, mostly Buddhist, abhor Sunnite Muslims who regard them as irregular migrants and call them "Bengali" - although many have been living in Myanmar for generation. It is not formally recognised as an ethnical group, in part because of a 1982 Act requiring minority groups to demonstrate that they were living in Myanmar before 1823 - before the First Anglo-Burmese War - in order to obtain citizenship.

The majority of them are living in the poor state of Rakhine, but are excluded from the country's nationality and bothered by physical and working conditions.

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