Myanmar Muslim People

Burma Muslim people

"The army wants to wipe out the Muslim people in their heads," says Islam. ""There are so many people around us. Sadly, this issue is naively regarded as a Burmese people against Muslims. The Rohingyas happen to be Muslims. According to the United Nations, Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are facing ethnic cleansing.

The Rohingya crisis: Appeal for UN relief as'290,000 fleeing' Myanmar

Relief groups are in urgent need of 77 million dollars (58 million pounds) to help the Rohingya Muslims who have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh since the outbreak of force two week ago, the UN says. Some 290,000 Rohingya are said to have escaped from the state of Rakhine since 25 August and taken refuge in Bangladesh. People who flee say that Myanmar's army is cremating their communities - something the army is denying.

Cruelty began on August 25 when Rohingya fighters assaulted policemen in Myanmar's north Rakhine state. The Rohingya people - a stateless, mostly Muslim group in Myanmar's Buddhist population - say that the army and the Rakhine Buddhists have reacted with a violent anti-Buddhist lobby. Burma refuses and says that its army is battling the "terrorists" of Rohingya.

"Emergency needs for 60,000 new shelter, as well as nutrition, safe waters and healthcare facilities, which include specialised psychiatric care and assistance to victims of sex violence". The people who have escaped from North Rakhine state describe the burning of villages, blows and murders by the police and Buddhist youth.

Myanmar's administration says that it is the Rohingya fighters and the Muslim village people themselves who are burnin' down their own houses and attackin' non-Muslims - many of them have also escaped the assault. The Amnesty International right-wing group also on Saturday blamed Myanmar's army for laying land mines on the Bangladesh frontier, where many Rohingya are escaping.

Bangladesh's frontier police and village people have reported to the BBC that they have seen more than a hundred Myanmar troops passing the frontier and apparently plant land mines. Bangladesh authorities have said they believe Myanmar's junta's troops are planning to plant the land mines to prevent the Rohingya from coming back to their communities. You called Myanmar's embassador to Dhaka to object to the issue.

In Myanmar, a recent landmine planting, a Myanmar intelligence agency said, while a Reuters spokesperson said more information was needed by adding: A number of global political figures have called on Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has been under detention for years for her pro-democracy activities, to stand up for the Rohingya.

Saturday, Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak said the Rohingya had been" "without mercy" and "tortured, subjected to discrimination, murdered and raped". The Myanmar government's failure to respond was "disappointing," he added. Meanwhile, the Moroccan authorities said they had called up Myanmar's envoy in protests against "the continuing violent attacks on the Rohingya Muslims".

Early this month, Ms Suu Kyi - who is faced with a powerful anti-Rohingya mood in Myanmar - said that the Rakhine Indonesian economic downturn has been biased by a "huge mountain of misinformation".

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