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The latest news about Rohingya Muslims. The UN accuses Facebook of spreading hatred of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Burmese Muslim migrants in Thailand at risk under new law: A human wave of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar has now passed half a million. Awareness of the situation of Muslims in Myanmar raised in Iran:

Burma Rohingya crisis: Agreement on the repatriation of Moslem migrants

And Bangladesh has concluded a contract with Myanmar to give back several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims who have escaped a recent attack by the armed forces. Rohingya are a Stateless ethnic group long persecuted in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Over 600,000 people have escaped to neighboring Bangladesh since Rohingya's fatal raids on policemen in Rakhine State in late-August.

Only a few more detail were published after the signature of the memo in Myanmar's capitol Nay Pyi Taw. The Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Mahmood Ali said it was a "first step". Myint Kyaing, Senior Myanmar Officer, said he was willing to welcome the Rohingya "as soon as possible". At Kutupalong Camp in Bangladesh, the fugitives said they wanted a guarantee of nationality and the return of their nation.

"Myanmar's administration I don't believe. Myanmar's administration is always like that," said one Narusha. The Bangladesh wants to show its people that the Rohingya will not be constant inhabitants - they already had about 400,000 inhabitants before the last inrush. It is the hope of the UNRWA that every treaty "respects the right of returnees to a secure, volunteer, dignified repatriation to Myanmar".

"Since the UN has a mandate to support, safeguard and find ways to help displaced persons, we are prepared to support the return procedure to make sure it is in line with global standards," a spokesman said. Burma's military cleared itself of responsibility for the Rohingya crises last weekend. She denies that Rohingya was killed, their village burned, wives and daughters raped and property stolen.

The Pope Francis is due to be in Myanmar on 26 November. The Vatican said his trip will involve meeting with Myanmar's military leader and Aung San Suu Kyi. Later the Pope will be travelling to the Bangladesh capitol Dhaka, where he will encounter Rohingya migrants.

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