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The Myanmar Music Awards were presented. The MMA website and voting system was developed. He is interested in Southeast Asian music (Burma, Indonesia) and the cults of possession. For Myanmar's music, simply ask your guide if you can search for live shows and enjoy the differences between countries during your visit. A flow of secret music files.

2018 MMWF

With great joy and honour we present the fifth issue of the International Biennale. We are celebrating our fifth year this year, an important landmark for our event. We are celebrating all the folks who have come together to make this wonderful and significant experience possible and some of the music that has been played over the last four years.

With Kimball Gallagher, art direction, Kimball Gallagher has developed into one of the most vibrant and versatile piano players on the scene. In 2015 Kaiyin Huang, Executive Directors, Piano, Valuing the force of music and its importance to transformation lives, established Kai-Yin Kairos Arts, of which she is artist-leader.

She has a PhD from SUNY Stony Brook University and is a graduate of the Juilliard School and the Yale School of Music. YiLing Chaing, Voice Director, YiLing earned her bachelor's from Birmingham Conservatoire (UK) as a vocalist and opera vocalist and earned her master's from the Kodály Institute of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Hungary) as a Kodály specialist.

While studying in England, YiLing won golden awards in the categories Operas and Songs at the North London Music and Drama Festival, the Ella Ceshire Soprano Award, the Margaret Pascoe Singing Prize and the Joseph Weingarten Prize, a full fellowship for her post-graduate course in Hungary. Iwasaki Erina, an educationalist and polyglotte, is curricula manager and designer at Khay International School in Yangon, Myanmar.

It builds and refines an imaginative syllabus that integrates multilingualism, peacemaking and ethical learning into conventional syllabi for the natural sciences, mathematics, civics and the fine arts. 2. The members come from different states in Myanmar. It is our aim to involve vocalists from all states and regions of Myanmar to form a nationwide group.

Yiling Chaing, Vice President of Yiling Chaing, is a teacher at both of them and this year she hosted her Ph. That'?s the Han Chiang Chorus. Mr. Lim Kean Seng is the choirmaster and Lee Yi Chen is the companion. Visiting lecturers were Daw Mi Lwin, former President of Corporate Governance, U Nay Oke, renowned English professors, and U Win Min, Myanmar Center for Responsible Manufacturing, as well as MYC.

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