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Clipping Myanmar music videos. Myanmar young people dance to the other beat of the musician Thxa Soe. Myanmar Music Video Chords: This is Jason Mraz'Life at the Moment' video: Myanmar's mythical creatures influence Southeast Asian culture as well as world and literary culture. Music Video from Bao Nguyen Savour commemorative music from Myanmar! Savour commemorative music from Myanmar!

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Tsarganar at the Freedom Film Festival in Yangon, Myanmar on January 1, 2012. UAV and satellite unmask Myanmar..... UNHCR uses video and photos..... Burmesian: ???? ..... She' s been in her own music video. She' s coronated Miss Myanmar World 2014. The Wyne Lay's Soloalbum Selfie was published in 2015.

It was his great achievement that allowed him to improve the value of his music video productions for... Myo Kyawt Myaing took part according to the Myanmar MP3 music site..... Myanmar cinema; list of the Myanmar people .... Musical and pictorial art.

The Myanmar music business is on the advance

Myanmar's music industries have recently seen an increase in the number of new album and music video DVD releases by well-known performers, and many more will follow. In addition, the Myanmar Music Shop, the country's first on-line music shop, will be releasing a series of singles' music. So the music business is on the road to success.

Over the last few weeks, Yè Lay, the hip-hop and R&B artists, has published his 7th record "Nauk Ta Khauk" (Once More) after a two-year break and Wai La, the music video for his hits record "Makeup Ma Kyite Taw Tachin Myar" (Songs that Don't Like Makeup).

Jouk Jack also plans to publish his "Tine Thi Pyi Thi" music video disc and Ni Ni Ni Ni Khin Zaw will be releasing her second record "A Ni Yaung" (Red) next weekend. Htun Htun Htun's first studio vocalist Han Thi's music video CD "Superstar" is also available for publication.

This are the album and DVDS available on the scene. In addition, the growth in the use of cell phones and the web has led to the publication of single people in Myanmar Music Store. "The new album's being published these few consecutive week. It can be said that the present music business is in a better state than before.

Music lovers have begun to help their favorite performers by purchasing their own album. They have also begun to focus more on the artistry of their album and music video. That' s why they are always supported by supporters when their records and DVD releases are made. And I think the art world will improve again as the artist evolves with better art qualities," said Bo San of Bo Bo Bo Entertainment, who has sold many of Bo Bo Bo Entertainment's first-rate album.

E-music selling has continued to expand since the beginning of this year and now, following the release of a young German singles, the number of people selling music on line is up. Musicians can stay in contact with their supporters by publishing one singles after another, while supporters can simply down-load the tracks that are of benefit to both the artist and the supporters.

"If we are able to offer one or two new tracks on the web, we can keep in contact with our people. As an example, tracks about recent happenings and emotions can grow old if people have to sit and waiting for the release of the music. Music lovers have the opportunity to hear the new tracks of their favorite musician.

The system of the on-line music world will continue to spread," said Ni Ni Ni Khin Zaw. The number of gigs on the gigs' markets has not decreased significantly during this period of monsoons and they take place every week-end on a continuous basis. This is mainly because the parliamentary elections will take place during the high seasons, so that the organizers have chosen not to give many shows during this period and to give frequent one.

Frequent weekly gigs take place in Yangon, Mandalay and other major towns, and at some point there is even a conflict in the timetable, as big gigs take place on the same date. In addition to rocking concert os, hip-hop concertos and group concertos with experienced vocalists there are also soloconcerts.

In this year, the members of the Iron Crossrock group have decided to start organizing monthly recitals starting in May, so that the Monsun gig markets have not been declining and are developing incessantly. It' a custom to make records during the monsoons. A lot of new records will be made during this monsun, so more records will be available during the high seson.

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