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Burma Music Video Kar Yan Lay By Myo Kyawt Myain Mp3 Download

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Myanmar Pop and Pop Music Volume 3

Many in Myanmar (Burma) believe in ghosts named NATs. The ghosts are historic personalities who have come across a number of traumatic or forced fatalities. Awes are being staged every day throughout Myanmar for many reasons, such as achieving commercial results, a prosperous wedding or an improvement in one's own wellbeing. Nat is shouted by a Kadaw; the extravagant and charming ceremonial champion in the elegance of his outfit.

Kadaw is a spiritual media, vocalist, dancer, narrator and mage, who subjects the multitude to a lively Nat emblem. The Kadaw throws away currency and supplies the willing believers with smokes and whisky. The listeners are often eccstatic and start off into a spontaneous mood of doldrums, as the Nat mind owns their own body, while the melodic ornament and thunderous tone of the Nat Pwe Orchester appears as perhaps the last great, international juggler not known.

The music library is a documentation of the well-known Nat Pwe Philharmonic phenomen. When you are looking for music to groov, calm or unwind, this is NOT for you! It is one of the racy, intensive and insane styles of music in the world today.

Their heads will spin in the midst of the offset reverbs and echoes of the vocal as they whirl like grasshoppers in a swimming cemetery, while the chimes, basins and tuning metallic ingots plunge down and slop down an infinite flight of stairs, while the barrels and the Hsaing Wang rhythms ring hit the beats in and out of a million turns and turns until either you have had enough or you come up with the music.

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