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Burma Music Movies

The majority of his staged music videos were hits all over Myanmar: "In college, we were lazy, playing video games, watching Korean movies. President of the film, music and journalist associations as patrons. Music Composed by Paul Wex: " Way Up East Myanmar."

Myanmar's music and movie pirates burn Myanmar's performers and productions

In July, clients are looking for pirate CD recordings on a bustling pavement in Yangon, Myanmar. In July, clients are looking for pirate CD recordings on a bustling pavement in Yangon, Myanmar. YANGON, MYANMAR - Complaints about piracy of films and music are focused on the missed earnings of major U.S. and Western European major players and their performers.

Some of Myanmar’ most renowned singer sees no point in making a new record, and an experienced filmmaker says it’s almost not possible to finance a soundtrack. Myanmar performers are at risk for their livelihoods in the flourishing Yangon streetstores. Plastics containers contain literally a hundred pirate prints of local movies, CD discs and music video - from Burma to comedy.

Legitime DVD's and CD's on the shaky desks cost about 2,000 kyats ($1.50), while pirate games make up a fifth of the number. "Nobody goes to the theaters," says San Shwe Maung, a filmmaker and film maker who is complaining that counterfeiting harms the local film-makers.

The frustrations of movie makers about counterfeiting have resulted in a constant drop in movie productions, San Shwe Maung and others said. Maung said that only half a dozen movies were released in the first six month of 2006, making it unlikely that the annual output will be the same as the 27 movies from 2004. Only a few Myanmar performers, also known as Burma, are concerned with the loss that counterfeiting causes to big names like Hollywood and Microsoft.

Mandalay Prize laureates have their say

Unlike in the past, the Myanmar Motion Pictures Academy Award will be selected by a panel of 36 professionals from various fields. You will choose particular accolades, in addition to the 11 that make it more likely for film artists to be one of these happy champions.

The contest has picked up speed, and filmmakers from over 50 films that have made the shortlist are making themselves available if they are. We' re going to Mandalay to listen to what the former Oscar laureates have to say about this year's awards ceremony. The Yee Myint Movie Company has received no less than 21 Academy Awards for its films, including Pan Dandari (Flower Fable), Pan Pyoethu Dote Alingar (Gardeners' Rhetoric) and Htarwara Alindan Myar (Eternal Rays of Light).

During a past period, Thingyan Moe (Rain during the Water Festival) alone won three Academy Awards. And there are many more films that can be named. We are currently watching some high-profit films. On the other hand, some films have an outstanding level of artistry, but do not earn much, which disappoints me very much.

I really want a film that should earn a certain amount and be made at a certain stage of art. Though I don't see every single film, I was very happy with Kyun (Slave), a film by Nyunt Myanmar Nyi Nyi Aung.

Bagan has been particularly accentuated in the film, and if you just look at it, you can appreciate the filmmaker's good intentions. A film' s essential element is not just laughter or tears. This can be considered good if it can say something clearly. Thinzar Oo won an Oscar for her humour in the film Pan Pyoethu Dote Alingar.

In order for a film to be considered good, everyone related to it must make informed judgements. While films are generally accepted as a means of conversation, moviegoers should also encourage high-quality films. It is widely known that this year's distinctions would also cover those that never made it.

For the film Pan Dandari 2004 and for Koze Hsa Tharleintmei (Will Be Ninety Times Superior) 2007 I won the best Music Academy Awards. For at least a ten years, I haven't had a single opportunity to perform my music. But this year I've agreed to do it in a series of films.

I' ve changed from piano playing to playing the piano in the saingwing so that I can play both old and new music. I' m very pleased about further honours during the Oscars 2017. And I welcome the choice of professionals in every musical field. Being a Myanmar artist myself, I choose to create music in Myanmar movies in the Myanmar tradition and combine it with the contemporary styles only out of need.

When we look at Thai or Hindi films, their music is always somewhere in their music. For our part, most of our films lack the conventional part. And I like the music from the film Yinbat Htaiga Dah (Sword in the Chest). Music was an important part of this film.

Also I like the film Kyun, which contains musical topics in Myanmar-fashion. Koze Hsa Tharleintmei won me the best Film Academy Award in 2007. Since a film cannot be made without funding, once it is finished we have to begin working on permissions to show it.

Film house proprietors have a part of the task of developing Myanmar's film industry. A film' s most important part is the viewer, who decides whether or not a film conveys an emotive state. A film' s priority should be the number of films made per year.

It' s heartening to see many top films on the nomination lists, which means that there have been many films this year that have had an effect on the audience. It is also good that every film category prize is awarded by scientists, as this would add more substance to the film. Films and music are the greatest influences on the Myanmar population.

Films contain video, and urban and rural residents respond differently to a single output. Following a great transition, the films have come to represent a more equitable perspective and a more realistic picture. You have become a more artistic, knowledge-based and technical power in affecting cinemagoers. Once they got sick of just seeing pointless humour in films, the actors in a filmproduction had to pay attention to these votes and make the necessary changes.

Young and new faces have been seen in the films and they are trying to conquer not only the domestic but also the international markets. It' s good to see more films that have been shortlisted this year, and you have to welcome the different catagories. The unqualified would be abandoned, as everything depended on how moviegoers see their work.

We also have excellent film artists and effective filmmakers.

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