Myanmar Music 2017

Music of Myanmar 2017

Burmese (or Myanmar) music has similarities with many other musical traditions in the region and is related to them. Myanmar Music School has opened. Gitameit Music Center in Yangon, Myanmar, built by Hedda, opened on February 25. by Andrew Selth, New York, Routledge, 2017, 293 pages. First Myanmar Flim (100) anniversary theme song concert.

2017 Music Festival in four towns this months

Myanmar Music Festivals 2017 will take place in four towns, Ooreedo Myanmar said on Monday in his Yangon offices. Organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, the event includes performances at Myitkyina City Council in Kachin State on June 9, Myanmar Convention Centre 2 in Nay Pyi Taw on June 11, the National Theatre in Mandalay on June 13 and the National Theatre in Yangon on June 18.

Every show features seven new tracks by US, Peru, Taiwan and Myanmar song writers. Participants are Sandar Lin, Sein Kalar, Sa Nyi Nyi Tun, Win Nanda Lwin, Sai Htet Aung, Yi-Ling Chaing, Kimball Gallagher, Kai-Yin Huang, Chalat Limpisiri and Yu-Wen Wang. The music is performed on Burmese traditionally produced musical tools such as percussion, the Xylophon, piano, hard hat and instrument.

Myanmar Music Festival has been taking place annually since 2014.

The Myanmar music festival helps to bring young people together, help cure old sores and work for a better world.

Myanmar, Tunisia, Lebanon, Libya - these are not the first places where most of the population would go to a music fest to help marginalized inequalities. But wherever there is a threat to free speech or an insurrection is under way, it is Turning Tables' turn. The Turning Tables is a worldwide non-profit group that founds music and movie recording studios and organizes shows in areas where young audiences do not have the means to be creative.

Cofounder is Martin Jakobsen, originating from Copenhagen, Denmark. urning Tables was founded in 2009 when Jakobsen, now 38, lived in Beirut. They played well in Scandinavia, but when Jacobsen tried to take the group to Lebanon and turned to the culture branch of the Swedish authorities for funding, the reaction was not heartening.

"You said'hell no'," Jakobsen said in an Yangon, Myanmar, December last year during the Voice of the Youth Musicfestivals, the latest Turning Tables initative. In the following year, the revolutions of Arab Spring began throughout the Middle East and North Africa, beginning in Tunisia, later also in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain.

The Jakobsen and Turning Table extended their activities in the area and organised festivities in conflict-ridden states. Jakobsen is headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and will continue to travel to other sites around the globe with Turning Table. The organization organized the first in an yearly concert cycle named Voice of the Youth in Yangon in 2015.

Like everywhere his group is active, Jakobsen has tried to enable the natives to take the leadership. At Yangon, the director of the Turning Tables branch is 36-year-old Susanha Htet, better known in Myanmar's music world as Darko C, guitar player, song writer and vocalist of Myanmar's post-punk rocker Side Effect.

He is working on the one hand to show the Myanmesen that after a past in which the music community was marked by violent behaviour between supporters and musicans of different musical genres, it is possible to hold peaceful celebrations such as Voice of the Youth, which welcome all kinds of music. For this purpose Voice of the Youth was a hit.

For the last three years, last December, the 2017 issue included, it was free from the conflicts between punk and rapper that had been plaguing other Myanmar blended genresfest. The notion of free speech is contrary to Myanmar's nonconfrontational and respect for the elderly, he added. That is exactly why Myanmar must regain the freedoms of speech it has known in the past before the era of warfare.

We are now trying to have a culture revival to give man the room to say what he wants. Most Myanmese are not prepared for a time when all opinion, no matter how beloved or disliked they are, has a single stage. However, in order for TurningTables to reach its final goal - to let the public say what they want and when they want - limits must necessarily be shifted.

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