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Until recently Myanmar was a rather difficult land, certainly not out of the question, but it had long been a road block for long-distance trade lanes between India and Southeast Asia. But now it is opening up and has become an easy destination on an overseas SE-Asia tour (i.e. Thailand - Myanmar Overland).

Sadly, after a few years the India-Thailand trade was again closed (see below). In 2004 I was in Kawthoung, at the south tip of Myanmar, with a one-day visum from Ranong, Thailand; we hung around the Thai Isles for almost a whole months to dive and celebrate, and our immigration seals ran out of it.

Kawthoung's permit has existed for many years for exactly this kind of problem; get out of Thailand, take a long-tail cruiser across the estuary, try Kawthoung and then return to Thailand with a clean seal. Up until a few years ago, Myanmar was very limited; one could go from Thailand to Kawthoung at the extreme south end of the common frontier or to Tachileik at the extreme north end of the common frontier, but one could only remain for a days or two and then return; with an entry permit one could attend the major attractions such as Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, but one had to come by road on an overseas plane (or a scenic internal trip from Tachileik or Kawthoung after the crossing).

Until a few years ago there were no cross-country trails through Myanmar. This is all about to change, and there are four full scale Myanmar-Thai crossing points; as long as you have a Myanmar permit, you can get there from Thailand. However, the other Myanmar frontiers are not an easy situation:

There is only one intersection with India, in the city of Moreh (near Imphal). Burma used to be the lacking member of the India-Southeast Asia interurban itinerary, so it was good to hear when this frontier was opened to overseas travelers; for some years it was possible to go both ways with a permission from MTT (Myanmar Tourism & Travel) so that overseas travelers could pass through Myanmar between India and Thailand.

MTT approvals are given by Mandalay and Yangon-based tour operators either by e-mail from India or in Myanmar personally; certainly some trouble and cost, but it worked. Sadly, the Myanmar authorities suddenly shut this barrier again in mid-2016 before it was reopened with a new limitation - the MTT permission continued to apply, but was only granted to those who enter and leave through Moreh.

When entering Myanmar from Thailand, you will not be issued an MTT for the Moreh Frontier; when entering from India, you must withdraw and get off this path (you cannot even take a flight). Obviously this is a huge wrench for us overland drivers; I almost made this stretch in 2015, and I wish I had done it!

However, the regulations for this limit can be changed at very last minute, so that it will hopefully be possible again in the near term to exceed them in one direction. I' m trying to refresh this page as things are changing, and I'm looking at this Lonely Planet ethic about this boundary; there are contributions of several years' value there and if you're looking to go down that road, this is probably the best one.

Updated: From the beginning of 2017 Thailand via Myanmar to India is definitely no longer possible. Many travelers report, however, that the opposite has worked for them; India to Thailand via Myanmar is not official, as the MTT authorisation requires that one must also leave for India, but in reality it seems that this is not implemented at the Thai frontier and travelers entering from India are permitted to leave for Thailand despite the MTT-regulation.

Updated (October 2017): The India-Myanmar checkpoint has been banned for a few month now, apparently because of the swindles of this fool (#650), although it will apparently be open again with new regulations from November 2017 (see #705 and following debate here). Most importantly, the new policy seems to be that travelers must take the coach directly from the Mandalay frontier, and it also seems as if it will be allowed to leave India for Thailand - but of course with dual, treble, quadruple control, with any resource you can find!

Also, it seems as if it will still not be allowed to drive this way back from Thailand to India. Updated (April 2018): The reopening of the frontier has never really occurred. It is official, but the regulations now say that you can only travel across the Indian-Thai frontier (in both directions) if you have paid for a fully accompanied motor-convoi trip for the whole length of the crossing through Myanmar.

The indicated rates are over two thousand US Dollar for a 4-day trade between India and Thailand. You can now use this link as the latest information resource for this itinerary. There is only one transition between Muse in the Chinese Yunnan and Lashio provinces, northeast of Mandalay on the old Burma Road. It has been possible for some considerable amount of expatriation but only with a valid MTT licence.

The last in Kunming (November 2015), I was considering driving to that line and was in touch with some tourist agents who could make arrangements - although it would have been possible, it was costly and it took them a few months to get the papers done, and I didn't have so much of my China passport to do.

The new MTT rules for the Indian frontier (see above) also apply to the Chinese frontier, i.e. if you are arriving in Myanmar from Yunnan by land, you must follow exactly the same route. When entering Myanmar from Thailand, you will not receive an MTT licence to travel across the Yunnan/Boarder.

In essence, this means that Myanmar from China will only really work for those who actually live in China for the moment - or perhaps as a detour from China if you have a dual travel permit from China, have enough free travel and don't have to worry about serious back-tracking and don't have to pay much for it.

Updated (May 2018): Because of the escalation of power in the Kachin & Shan states, which includes the fighting on the way to Lashio and in the frontier city Muse, you should for the time being ignore the fact that this frontier has been crossed. Kawthoung is still a crossroads, but now without the old limitations for onward transportation over land, and Tachileik also stays a crossroads, but with the onward transportation limitation, i.e. you can only go from Tachileik to the remainder of the state.

There is no need to drive at the same limit as you have reached and no MTT licences are required. Unfortunately, from today's perspective, it is not possible to cross land between Thailand and India unless one is prepared to spend a few thousand US bucks for a few nights; meanwhile the frontiers to Bangladesh and China are shut due to conflict in these areas.

If you want to go to Myanmar by land, it will initially only work as a detour from Thailand. Kawthoung is the only place I can speak about from my own experiences - and interesting as it was to go there, I don't think it's a place that would make it to the Myanmar highlight role!

Here is a listing of places I really want to visit in Myanmar: Inle Lake, Myanmar's most famous area. Old Burma Roads, on the way to or from China. It looks magnificent and the street is of historic importance as an important way of supplying the Chongqing authorities during the Second World War - an important strategy for the Japanese occupation of Burma.

Newest Lonely planet Thorntree threads across the Indian/Myanmar frontier. Please visit the Myanmar section on the Travelfish for more detail.

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