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Burma Mpa

However, little information was available on Myanmar's financial market. The Myanma Port Authority (MPA, Thandwe) Map of Ywama (Yangon region / Myanmar), view from satellite. The Myanmar Port Authority (MPA) and Starhigh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. planned to excavate for the inner Bar Monkey Point near Yangon Port. Myanmar's water sector gateway: news, business opportunities, partnerships, projects, contacts and events.

The MPAs are crucial for ecological integrity and human well-being.

Courses in detail

This program brings together the faculty's competencies in politics and government to create an inter-disciplinary student education program that addresses the issues of government, civil service and global relationships in a domestic and global perspective. It concentrates on the basic principals, practice and technologies of organisation in relation to government agencies.

She tries to familiarize the student with pertinent theoretical concepts and their application in multi-disciplinary areas such as politics, government, political economics, personnel managment, social affairs and citymanagement. It focuses on combining research and theoretical knowledge, problem-solving competence and a broad spectrum of questions in the areas of governmental, governance, municipal governance, municipal strategy and metropolitanism.

Public Administration Network of Myanmar

Yangon University of Economics has been providing a Master of Government (MPA) in 2000 to keep pace with the new developments and requirements of the state. The program is aimed at people with different educational and career background, political decision-makers and employees who are involved in non-profit and non-profit organizations and who are expecting great responsibilities in this area.

MPA' full-time program is a three-year program. Every year of study is subdivided into four quarterly periods, three fourths of which are earmarked for the normal term paper and a summers quarterly for the targeted preparations of the diploma paper, which is a prerequisite for the MPA-degreement. There are four 4 unit 4 course per quater and participants must take 24 course to obtain the 96 unit 96 needed to attain MPA.

Students in the full-time program must take lessons 4 lessons a full 4 hour per workday. Leadership MPA evenings courses are available for those who wish to obtain an MPA without disrupting their work. MPA' s evenings program is scheduled to last more than two years.

There are three 4 unit 4 course per calendar month and the students must take 23 course in two years to earn 92 points, the other 4 course 4 are acquired from a Ph.

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