Myanmar Moving 2016

The Myanmar parade 2016

In the next few months, my family will move to Myanmar. Be Maya Fletcher, 10 March 2016, 11:27 a.m. Heels a moving Burmese army and financial support to carry out the missions. The Myanmar move will lead to further labour shortages: India's commitment to Myanmar's new democratic government builds on years of history.

Is that really where you're going? Echos from Myanmar

In the next few month, my wife and daughter will move to Myanmar. It' weird how they react when you say it out loud. No. Other than the immediate joy and even jealousy of telling someone you're moving to Rome, Italy, as I did in New Jersey in 2006 after getting a position as Assistant Professor of Digital Media at the American University of Rome; what you get when you tell someone you're moving to Myanmar is usually an response.

"Myanmar. about where we're being re-assigned. At the top of our preference lists was Tanzania, a place where I had been teaching as a trainee in a professional education centre in Moshi in 2005 and which I remember with pleasure. Burma was in second place on our shortlist, followed by Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Rome, to prevent the opportunity to be sent to a war-torn part of the globe or to divide as a host family into non-governmental service stations.

With our two children at the age of 6 and 4 years I was in the Villa Sciara, the small garden in our quarter Monetverde Vecchio. You gave me the message. Things were not down (like last year, when they transferred us to Rome for the fourth year in a row). We' d already discussed the opportunity to move to Oyster Bay, get a home near Coco Beach and go on week-end excursions to the paradise islands of Zanzibar if we moved to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

I' d already begun to teach my children a little Swahili. It was my dream to visit an orphanage and work with my children on a voluntary basis to help us spread good humour wherever we went. It would be a small bag of fraternal romance and fraternalism.

"Myanmar. "Myanmar. "Myanmar. I' ve signalled to my son that we' re going to leave the grounds in five mins. "Chi-tay " he said to my boys and me this week-end. He' had uploaded a "Learn Burmese (Myanmar)" application to his iPad. "Chi-tay " means I owe you. "Chi-tay. On Friday evening I found an essential Expatriat Guidebook for my Kindle to Myanmar.

On Saturday and Sunday evening we saw some video showing the advantages and disadvantages of the recently disrupted and still quite remote South East Asian state. Buddhist gold sanctuaries rise above the town and the Myanmar population is described as friendly, spacious and respectable. It is my hopes that one of these days I will also be able to say "Chi-tay" (Iove you) in Myanmar.

And I am not a foreigner to the mixture of feelings I often experience before and after my stay in the world. However, moving somewhere seems much more durable and unreversible. Myanmar was reported on March 4, exactly 16 years after my first date with Michael in New York City.

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