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Burma is a booming and opening economy. JVK Indochina Movers Ltd. The main services we provide in Myanmar are as follows: Move to Myanmar & Apply for a visa? DNA move with satisfaction. www.

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Myanmar, now known as Myanmar, seems to have remained virtually unchanged since the day of Britain's reign. A lot of folks still travelling by horses and carriages, mobile telephones don't work and the omnipresent Starbucks is nowhere to be seen. Secluded from the outside world for many years, Myanmar has been holding its first parliamentary elections in over twenty years due to its shocking 2010 track record in terms of respect for fundamental freedoms.

Myanmar is one of the least advanced nations in the hemisphere, with decade-long maladministration and global segregation. However, there is a great craving for changes, and in 2011 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Myanmar - the first high-ranking US officer to do so in 50 years.

A number of leaders, among them US President Barack Obama, have since been to Myanmar. Myanmar, the world's biggest teakwood exporting country and manufacturer of sapphire, pearl, ruby and yade, is also an important resource for off-shore hydrocarbonation. Myanmar has much to show the outside of the country with its wonderful scenery, historical palaces and enchanting population.

Yangon, the biggest town in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and former capitol, lies at the junction of the powerful Yangon and Bago rivers.

Six things you should know before moving to Myanmar

The Myanmar economies are buoyant. So if you choose to work in Myanmar, here are some things you need to know about the Myanmar community, life style and population. When you have a long-term vision in Myanmar, perhaps one of the most important things to consider is upbringing. Myanmar's learning system is largely modelled on the UK system.

Teaching English has been a second langauge since nursery and throughout elementary and middle schools. In addition, after high schools pupils can choose to study at universities in Myanmar or pursue their studies abroad. These are some of the most famous universities in Myanmar: If you apply for a corporate entry permit, you can work up to 70 nights in the rental flat of your enterprise, and you can also open a simple banking accout.

If you wish to obtain a multiple-entry commercial visitor card, you must provide proof that you have previously been in Myanmar on 3 different types of commercial one. In this way, you can spend up to six month in the host countries and will be able to request a long-term residence card in the near to you.

Looking for a career in Myanmar? In addition to some necessary documentation such as a company or work permits, you will also need to find shelter. Myanmar's accommodations are diverse and offer a large selection of rentals to meet each expatriate's budget. Mandalay, the second biggest town, is still the trading centre of Oberburma.

It' a varied cultural centre with expatriates from China, Thailand and Laos. When you want to discover Myanmar, you must first find out more about the country's people. Almost anyone can open a Myanmar bankaccount. You will need some necessary documentation, which includes a current pass and a 70-day or longer commercial entry visas, along with a written confirmation from your employers that you are working for them that you need.

Burma and the US dollar are the most popular currency, but some commercial bankers also provide euro or Singapore dollar bankrolls. Foreigners who live in Myanmar are recommended to employ a guide for the length of their sojourn. If you want to go alone, you can request a Myanmar driving licence from the Department of Road Transport and Administration, now in Naypyidaw.

Approximately one months for the trial and only those who have a long-term visas such as a commercial one are eligible to do so. You will also need to complete some necessary documents, such as an appropriate request from the relevant consulate, your identity cards, your identity cards and if you already had a national driver's licence in your own home state.

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