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Page 1 of 39112345Next 'Last ". The ShweYoe TV is part of, the search for movies from Myanmar. It was a long farewell for Myanmar's classic cinemas. Burma new movie 2015 min ye kyaw swar bo nay toe 1.

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Disappearing Act: Myanmar's missing movie halls

It was a long farewell for Myanmar's classical cinemas. "In every city I go to, I go to the cinemas. You like going to the cinema," he said to the Myanmar Times. In the course of his studies he took photographs of 45 theaters in the Yangon, Magwe, Bago and Tanintharyi area. His work can now be seen until March 6 at Myanmar's Vanishing Movie Theater at the Myanmar Deitta Gallery.

This is the Thamada that is still with us; the Waziya, Myanmar's oldest, from the 1920'; the Hla Thiri, the greatest edifice in Minbu, Magwe region; and many more. Taungoo Win and Yangon Thida were torn down in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Jablon first came to Thailand in 2000 when he saw many cinemas nestled in a mall.

It learnt that Thailand has a wealth of cinemas and independent cinemas. He became interested when he found out that many of them had been superseded by commercial centres and high-rise blocks. Then, a boyfriend of mine tells him that Myanmar has a long film tradition, thanks to the film industries flourishing in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

"Detached cinemas are an important part of our culture. Burma has a singular architecture story that is mirrored in its cinemas," he said. I' ve been to six cities and expected many independent cinemas. There are only two theatre companies in the region," he said. Myanmar Deitta held a podium debate on the important socially and culturally important roles of the auditorium on 27 February.

Participants were Jablon, US Goodwill Goodwill ambassador Derek Mitchell, Yangon Heritage Trust Executive Daw Moe Moe Lwin, Yangon City Development Committee Head of Development U Toe Aung and U Aung Lwin. "In the postwar years, our movie business began to thrive. Approximately 150 small and large movie theaters.

Nearly all of them had their own theater to show their films," said U Aung Lwin. The nationalisation of independent cinemas in December 1968 led to a progressive fall in cinemas and the movie-business. "The nationalisation means that the movie firms can no longer use their earnings from the last movie to fund the next movie," he said.

You were inclined to excise the parts the movie audience wanted to see, so folks quit going to the images. "Cinemas have been superseded by commercial centres and hotel complexes, even storage facilities. On Bogyoke Aung San Road, the risky cinema was torn down in the 1990' to make way for Sakura Tower.

The Pa Pa Pa Win and Gon theaters on Sule Pagoda Road were demolished so they could construct the Traders Hotel[now Sule Shangri-La Hotel]," said U Aung Lwin. Now there is a ray of light of hope that the Yangon Heritage Trust, the US Ambassador and the Myanmar Motion Picture Organisation can renovate the Waziya, the oldest movie theater in Myanmar.

"We are considering returning the theater to its former splendour. We' re going to have to take a coat off the ceilings and wall to expose them," said Daw Moe Moe Lwin, Yangon Heritage Trust Executive Vice President. Waziya, who has a platform, was initially a real theater.

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