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Burma movies full 2014

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Myanmar's first LGBT film festival organised by Yangon

Burma's first ever movie fest on the topics of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) will take place in Rangoon next week. The RANGOON - Burma's first movie fest on the topics of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) will take place next months in Rangoon. The" &Proud GGBT Movie Festival" will take place from November 14th to 16th at the French Institute in Rangoon's Sanchaung Township, with about 30 movies, discussion with movie -makers and an arts-event.

Organisers of the meeting, including Colors Rainbow, YG Events, Equality Myanmar and various other gender-based organisations, said that the primary objective of the meeting is to raise consciousness and toleration of questions of sexual identities through more publicity. For the Burmese non-governmental organization one of the problems is the bad presentation in the Burmese population.

Alternate sexes and lifestyles are often presented in insensitive ways in films, journals and other pop culture, which worsens the perception of an already estranged group. "He added, "We would like to point out that the members of the grassroots fellowship should be proud, and we would like to rectify false news that is being disseminated by the mass press in the fellowship.

There will also be a programme of three shorts by 10 young members of the Burmese NGO association, which will premiere at the Burmese International Youth Day and present the work done during an intense pre-show course. The Hla Myat Tun does not expect the film to be accepted by everyone, but this is the right moment to bring sexual self-discuss.

"A few will say that this is a poor notion, but it is better than saying nothing about your right to LGBT," he said. Whilst Burma has seen an increase in equal opportunities movement since the 2011 policy reform, the non-governmental organisation continues to discriminate against the group.

"We couldn't discuss problems with LAGBT in the past. However, since 2012 we have been more optimistic and in a position to support the people of the LAGBT through policy reforms," said Hla Myat Tun. Whilst there is a growing tolerance of an egalitarian culture, the majority of the general public remain unimpressed and worried about the queer and transgender edifice.

To make things worse, Burma's criminal law prohibits same-sex relationships and bestiality and provides for penalties and even possible imprisonment of up to 10 years. There have been several cases in recent years in which government agencies have selected members of the non-governmental organisations (LGBT) and subjected them to degradation and sometimes at will.

In May 2012, Burma held its first ever international anti-homophobia and transphobia day, a worldwide event to celebrate Burma's membership in the world.

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