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The Rohingya reports atrocities: "You cast my child into a fire

Soldier's pride came up to a dainty young lady with pale bay oranges. She was Rajuma, and she stood high in the sea and clutched her little boy while her Myanmar community was burning behind her. "You, " said the troops, pointing at them. The next moment of violence, the troops beat Rajuma in the face, pulled their crying kid out of their hands and threw him into a fire.

A Rohingya muslim, one of the most oppressed ethnical groups on the planet, Rajuma is spending her time in a Bangladesh concentration camp. They told me their tale during a recent journey I made to the warehouses where several hundred thousand of Rohingya like them have gone to a shelter.

Your profoundly worrying report on what was happening in your town at the end of August was confirmed by tens of other refugees with whom I have spoken at length and by groups of people collecting proof of outrages. Savvivors said they saw guerrillas stab baby victims, cut off boy faces, rape girl, shoot 40-millimeter shells into homes, burn whole homes, and round up and execute scores of unwieldy males.

Myanmar's armed forces have murdered more than 1,000 civilians in the state of Rakhine, and possibly up to 5,000, although it will be difficult to know because Myanmar is not letting the United Nations or others into the affected areas. An experienced detective from HRW, Peter Bouckaert, said there is increasing proof of organised slaughter, such as that of Rajuma, in which Rajuma surveyors methodologically butchered more than 100 civil men in a place.

The United Nations agency for the protection of fundamental freedoms said on Wednesday that the United Nations junta had set its sights on "houses, land, foods, grain, cattle and even trees", making it "almost impossible" for the Rohingya to go home. Myanmar's military has alleged that it responded to an August 25th Rohingya fighter assault by aiming only at the mutines.

HRGs said the aim of governing forces was to wipe out whole Rohingya people. UN officers named the Rohingya Rosary Anti-Rohingya Action a "textbook example" of racial cleanup. Almost every evening on the coast of Bangladesh, in the Bay of Bengal in Myanmar, people are washed up in the foaming bay waters - kids, men, old ladies trying to flee on leaky vessels, their faces inflated from the sea.

When he escaped on a small wood vessel a few short days ago, Mr Rujuma hardly made it to Bangladesh. There is not a sheet of hard copy to show who she is or that she was borne in Myanmar. That can be a dilemma if she is applying for Bangladesh fugitive protection, which she is unwilling to receive, or if she ever tries to return to Myanmar.

Raised in a paddy growing place named Tula Toli, she said the place had never known it. There were two major ethnical groups in their villages, the Buddhist Rakhines and the Muslim Rohingya, like two levels that should never meet. Scientist Azeem Ibrahim, who recently published a report on the Rohingya, said that much of the hostility was due to the Second World War, when the Rohingya were fighting on the UK side and many Buddhists in Rakhine were fighting for the Japanese-occupiers.

The Rohingya were hoping to gain or join Eastern Pakistan (now Bangladesh), which was also mostly Moslem and ethnic to the Rohingya, after the Allies' victory. However, the Brits, who wanted to placate Myanmar's Buddhist minority, ordered the Rohingya territories to become part of the new Burma (then known as Burma ), blaming the Rohingya for centuries of discriminatory practices.

Myanmar's rulers soon began to deprive them of their prerogatives and blame them for the country's deficiencies by saying that the Rohingya were Bangladeshi illegals who stole goodness. A number of powerful Buddhist friars said the Rohingya were the reincarnations of serpents and bugs and should be wiped out like beetles. Pursuit drove a new Rohingya military move that launched an attack on Myanmar's military encampments on 25 August.

Out of her community, said Ramjuma, she was hearing detonations from one of these assaults - or at least from the government's reaction to it. In the next few and a half day the town of Rujuma saw enormous flames burning on the skyline. The Rohingya communities around Tula Toli were burnt down, and on the eldest of the mosques came to Rajuma's home on the 29th of August to carry a message:

"No-one relies on a Buddhist," said Ramjuma. Next day the next day the next day the next day the next day Rajuma was busy making potato curry. Then she crawled to the windows and looked out: troops, scores of them, running towards Tula Toli. They were quickly caught and walked to a river bank where several hundred other frightened village people had been taken captive.

Troopers divided men from wives. People begged for their life, fell to their knees and embraced the soldiers' socks. Poles stepped away and methodologically murdered all men, said Rajuma and several other Tula Toli remnants, all of whom were questioned seperately. Concerning the strategies used, the guns used, the frankness of the murders, the rape of the gangs and the standard of the army organisation, the reports from many different Rohingya areas represent a disturbing balance.

Said he was deeply concerned about what Rohingya kids painted in the camp - weapons, fire, machete and those on the floor pouring out of them in flames. Situated in a bedside clinic near Cox's Bazar, the largest city in this part of Bangladesh, Muhamedul Hassan, a Rohingya merchant from a hamlet named Monu Para, is on a neat blanket.

Mr Hassan said on 27 August, some 20 troops raided Monu Para from a military camp near by and ordered all men and young men over 10 years old to register at the home of a famous Rohingya bovine merchant. SOLDIER: The troops put their hand behind their backs. About 400 men and young were bent over, Mr. Hassan said.

Mr. Hassan said that in front of him a dozen men were beheaded or executed. Once the troopers had gone, Mr. Hassan said, he tripped to his home where his nurse darned curcuma powders, the best they could do for an anti-septic, into his sore. Researchers on humankind said that the most serious acts of atrocity they recorded were perpetrated from 25 August to 1 September, in the aftermath of the war.

A lot of testimonies described how federal forces deliberately killed anyone they could get their hand on. At Tula Toli, Tula struggled as harshly as she could to keep her child, Muhammad Sadeque, about 18-month-old. He said two men took her to a home, ripped off her robe and robe and raped her.

Rajuma thought she had eventually passed away. By the time she awoke, the troops were gone, but the place was on fire. Rajuma collapsed when she came to the end of her terrible witness.

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