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ACP Channel Myanmar movie collection. We' re sharing films and funny contributions to watch them easily. Preordered - Myanmar Movie Database (MMDB) - Myanmar Box Office. This is a collection of Myanmar films archived by actors and actress. The award-winning Myanmar photographer Kyaw Kyaw Winn has won the title "Myanmar Photographer of the year" three times.

Nice Collection - Review of the Myanmar Motion Pictures Museum, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It' s a surprise to see such a beautiful collection of Myanmar movie memories from the (g)old age. It'`ll take your while. Very interesting galery of movies in Myanmar. It' a worthwhile stop near the Shwedagon, so you can mix the two and plan a stroll through a grocery mart.

Shortly before closing, the building was restored and we went to see it. Artifacts, accolades, murals, camcorders and photographic material cover almost 100 years of film-making in Myanmar. The contents of this unique exhibition should not be overlooked if you are a movie fan and appreciate ancient cameramen' s gear and viewers.

Not too many other countries outside Southeast Asia know the filmography of Myanmar - Burma. It is therefore a surprise to find this artefact-filled artefact collection from almost 100 years of film-making in this part of the globe. On display there are devices from film labs, various cameras and other employees - mostly from the 1940-1960s.

Unfortunately, it is not under the best circumstances, but it is good that at least everything is gathered in one place and hopefully at a later date we will find the necessary ressources to keep all these people intact. And, of course, many exciting banner ads from Burmese films, Burmese Academy Awards and much more make this place great if you are already familiar with country living, country houses and other historic sights.

Have you been to the Myanmar Motion Pictures Museum?

Collectibles find treasures in old movies

"They used to produce movies that were shown at the movies every Friday mornings. We queued up to see the movies lessons before the show since I was 13," he said. The Ko Myo bookshelves are packed with movies organized by Oscar winner, Oscar nominations, decade and the best 1000 movies.

Most of the movies are old, uncommon, some are classic, others are long overlooked. "Uncommon movies are not accessible; those who are filmfanatics and extravagants can do it. In the past I rented movies to fans, but some didn't go to the trouble of bringing them back, so I began making photocopies to part them.

A movie can costs US$40-70. Its collection also attracts the interest of prominent personalities and other gatherers who want to rummage through its title and perhaps even enhance their performance by viewing some of the best cinematography. Once an old man came to his archive and when he found a movie classics in his childhood, his hand shook when he told about the movie's heroes.

Two of his subsidiaries enhanced their English by viewing international movies and are now both students abroad. Travelling abroad is a necessary part of the search for uncommon movies for a collector. A lot of filmmakers are sharing money when they return to Myanmar. "If we find a good movie we really want, we just have the feeling that we won the raffle.

In spite of the progress in home theater, nothing can be compared to the wonder of the big picture, especially for youngsters. Cinematographer U Khine Tin (59) lovingly recalls his early cinematic experience and attributes the wish to work in cinematography. "Usually when a new movie was shown, it was a dozen queued up to get movie seats; I usually purchased two seats and watched the same movie twice a week. What did I do?

Around the year 2000, when the introduction of electronic video recorders began in the Netherlands, I began collecting CDs, especially the ones I was a child. I' ve got a collection of classical romance and drama at home, my home now looks like a mini-cinema," he said. Khine Tin has been in the motion picture business for 19 years and thinks that movies are not only a joy but also an outstanding teaching aid.

"Western cinema is 40 to 50 years more progressive than Myanmar; filmmakers, comedians and even engineers could benefit from them by seeing the best movies they have made, such as "Gone with the Wind, War and Peace, Psycho, An Affair to Remembrance and My Fair Lady," he said.

"I am over 60 now, my surviving mum and dad always push me to pray and meditate for the remainder of my day, I say that I always pray and meditate in front of the TV," said U Nay Win, a gatherer. "When we were young, there were no televisions in our land, so if we wanted to see movies, we had to go to the movies.

I' m grateful to my folks for taking me to the movies since I was eight years old and giving me the chance to watch them; my motivations for collection were to watch good movies from an early age," said another collectors who didn't want to be called. As a result of his collection, his woman, who says that if he died, will fill his tomb with movies, because that is all he would ever get from travelling abroad.

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