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The film industry has also shifted over the years to the production of many cheaper direct-to-video films. There was one point when Giuseppe Tornatore was considered the director of the film. Which are the most popular sites in Myanmar? Whenever you are in Myanmar, people will wish you Mingalabar. We use cookies on our website to give you a better experience.

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On 29 June 2018 Nay Toe opened his own filmstudios called " Story Book " in.... "Dan Tar Yee Moe" is a film by Win Lwin Htet and made by 7 Sense Productions..... BreadTalk, one of Asia's premier bakeries, opened its third.....

The Iconic Inspiration Wedding and Lifestyle Fair took place on May 26 th and 27 th at the Sule Shangri-La Hotel. Aye Wutt Yee Thaung celebrates her thirty-fourth anniversary on 27 May 2018 with a gift at St. Mary's Cathedral, Yangon..... Myanmar has three distinct periods - the warm weather, the wet weather and the cool.

Every saison takes about four month. They were raining..... In the monsoon period we have heavy rainfall, strong light and storm winds..... A Myanmar based painter who loves to make artworks from recyclable material. She is known for her recycling work..... Every pie that breaks out is our kind of pie - especially when it breaks out with hot choco and caffee.

Revival of Myanmar's film industries, one hundred simultaneous entry-level films into the cinema system.

Today Myanmar has about 40 movie theaters - or tenfold less than in the early 1980s. That is why manufacturers often have to postpone showing their films for years. Maze CEO U Lwin Moe watched the whole thing with dismay: "Even in a densely populated area like Mawlamying, there wasn't a movie theater."

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