Myanmar Movie Song 2015

The Myanmar Film Song 2015

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Myanmar Reggae Album for Love and Country

Burma ringleaders would do well to record a copy of the latest record by regime performer Saw Pore-Kwar, a kind of sporting expression in defence of music. One of Burma's most gifted performers must be Saw Coe Kwar when it comes to communicating his convictions, brute emotion and politics to his supporters - and also to those in authority.

Having listened to his latest record, I sincerely wish that President Thein Sein and the main actors of his reformsist regime will receive a copy. Go Rest on a Big Branch" is particularly significant for the Myanmar population, most of whom have developed a profound disgust for Burma's army chiefs over the past five years.

His derisive rhyming is coupled with an entertaining tune and the general messages to Burma's former (or perhaps current?) leader are clear: "Please, just go away. Simply put, the song mirrors the feelings of many Myanmar citizens, although it may be hard for a foreigner to understand the point. The song is accompanied by a comic strip that provides more clearness for the non-Burmese among us by portraying a reggae artist as he unlocks a sling sitting on a man in a militarybonnet and on a twig of a twig.

" At best, for Myanmar audiences, the phrase "you" is a thin haze for a more particular dissent. "It is, according to this receiver, the most moving song on the record. However, his sharpness is deep in Burma, where the true histories of Karen and other ethnical minorities reflect the plight of the young woman, as 60 years of civilian conflict have littered the land with mines.

The song of Saw Kwar demands a full end to the use of mines. A different melody recounts a story of two lovebirds who succumbed to each other after the former Burmese army government crushed each other during a 1988 peace-loving demonstrations by students near the University of Rangoon university. The title is "A Love Tale-88.

" Others call for the end of the war around the globe, as well as in Burma's ethnically diverse areas. It' s clear that the vocalist published the record with the aim not only of amusing his audiences, but also of informing them better about the complicated land in which they are living.

The first song on the CD "Love is the Answer", Saw Kwar's title, the listener's attitude to what, it becomes clear, is the heart of the plate. It seems that SawPoeKwar' s messages demand more affection as an antagonism to what hurts us.

In my opinion, the term "love", which the vocalist uses throughout the entire record, has to be understood for this. From a political point of view, I believe that "love" means the exercise of sympathy, good will, good will and Altruism towards man. I believe that a state and its components must practise this kind of charity when they rule.

It is only with this kind of affection in minds that a state can truly minister to its population. And, to put it in elective language, you have to fall in loving to be beloved. It is an adage that all emerging Burmese leadership would do well to internalise before a national vote later this year, when the polls show where people's heart lies.

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