Myanmar Movie Shwe Video 2014

Film Shwe Video 2014

A two-time Myanmar Academy Award winner and model in Myanmar. The first Myanmar Academy Award was won with Let Pan in 2012 and the second with I'm Rose, Darling in 2015. She' s the cousin of Myanmar model and actress Wut Hmone Shwe Yee. Nyuang Shwe (video). <

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Be careful: Burmese Myanmar empress calling Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army'terrorist organization', untitled

One Myanmar fairytale empress was robbed of her crown after she published a video in which she accused Rohingya Muslims of inciting municipal brutality in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. Miss Grand Myanmar, Shwe Eain Si, 19, published a video on Facebook last weekend in which she described the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) as the "Caliphate Movement" and said she was using her glory to "speak the truth".

Check out the video: In the video she can be seen in English, together with graphical representations of corpses, also of child. It called the Arcade a "terrorist organisation" that "pretended to be the oppressed". She accused the FARSA of violent acts, accused the "fighters" of turning against their own nation and then organized a press action to gain world wide attention.

The organizers of Miss Universe Myanmar decided on Sunday to withdraw the trophy from her. You did not refer to the video in the advertisement, but said that it "violated the Treaty rules" and "did not act as an example". Following the Sunday proclamation, she published an answer on Facebook on Tuesday in which she described the allegations as "unfounded".

Myanmar's military is charged with conducting an "ethnic purge against the Rohingya ", which since 25 August has caused more than half a million Muslims to escape to Bangladesh. The Myanmar government has condemned the Rohingya fighters who have been attacking policemen in the past months and the Myanmar government has been defending the operations as a legal course of action in the face of worldwide terror.

It' not the first conflicting issue with a Myanmar beautycen. A Myanmar empress was deposed in 2014 for supposed insincerity and misbehaviour, after which she fled with her coronet to South Korea.

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