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Mr. Oo is CEO of the Pyay Ti Oo Education Foundation, which awards scholarships to economically disadvantaged students admitted to medical school. Titel: Htee lay ta chaung pae lo par tal. Romantic director: actor: Pyay Ti oo, actress: Khaing Hnin Wai, Thet Mon Myint, watch film. Commercial Pyay Ti Oo and Eindra Kyaw Zin.

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Boundless friendship

Myanmar's first ever film cooperation with Thailand, "TT & Donut", premiered last Sunday at the Yangon National Theatre, attracted celebrities as well as celebrities such as the Prime Minister of Yangon, the (commercial) advisor to the Royal Embassy of Thailand, Pakainay Leng-ee and ET, a fortune-teller whose customers are Asia's wealthy and mighty, especially Thailand's political leaders and high-ranking warriors.

A small sum was spent on the show, which included a Myanmar TV show, but the producer, Myanmar's Golden Princess and Thai entertainer Bec Tero, thought it was a good prize. "TT&Donut " was presented to the Thai press as the first cooperation between Golden Princess and Bec Tero at Paragon Cineplex in September.

He had been looking for a Thai business to work with, while Bec Tero was looking to develop his interests in Myanmar after successfully entering into a JV with the Rangoon-based news agency and Forever Group. Forever, BEC Tero, as the corporation is known, is producing TV shows and plays for Myanmar's MRTV-4 and Channel 7.

Although the movie has now premiered, it will be released a little later. Latest timetable shows a Myanmar launch, either just before the end of 2016 or in January, followed by a Thai launch in March. Initially the movie was to be released in Thailand in January, but Golden Princess's director Thet Lwin chose to wait out of deference to the deceased King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

It also hopes to come home with a blast and feels that it will act as a stepping stone for the film's triumph in Thailand. Whilst the movie will have wide coverage, he says, the emphasis will be on Myanmar communities that live in Thailand in areas such as Mae Sot in Tak County, Samut Songkhram, Ranong and Bangkok.

Myanmar's superb star Pyay Ti Oo is a prosperous stag Ti Oo or TT who visits Thailand when charged with abducting Donut (Chattarika Sittiprom), the daugther of a mighty gangster about to get married to a celebrity business man. Director is Adsajan Sattagovit, who worked in close collaboration with the Myanmar producer and Ti Oo to create the plot.

When he first worked with a overseas producer, Adsajan tried to figure out what Myanmar's cinema fans look like, taking into consideration Myanmar's culture diversity and severe repression. However, I believe it can talk to a Myanmar audience," says the warden. Myanmar's lead investors wanted the movie to be filmed mainly in Thailand.

He wanted to give the movie a more tropical feeling, like Thailand producer who preferred to use the beauty of Japan and South Korea as a backdrop for their work. Chattarika, the second runner-up in the Miss Thailand World 2014 contest, made her dramatic d├ębut with the movie, was stressed by the shooting itself.

38-year-old Ti Oo enjoys working with a Thai movie team and said he found them more systematical than her colleagues in Myanmar. "He says, "I just do my best and never dreamt much when I work with movies abroad, I just work little by little and have all the new experience to improve my performing skills".

Lu Min, an actress and author who has presided over the Myanmar Motion Pictures organization for the past four years, is optimistic that the co-production will help the Myanmar motion picture industries to adopt a more systemic stance and open up to the global markets. Over 100 titles are currently made each year, and the trend is upwards, but cinema capacities are so large that movie theatres can only assign about 20 titles to shows and the others have to queue.

"He says that if film making is to evolve, these kinds of problems need to be overcome," Lu Min says that he still enjoys playing drama and writing, but that he is too employed as head of the Movie Maker's Office to help other moviemakers.

"And I think this cooperation will help us to enhance not only the overall picture of our movies, but also our brand. We have a pretty small movie industry and I would really like to see a greater diversity of histories and styles and an expansion of cinemas.

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