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Myanmar Sky Net movies (mm). Myanmar Movies is a television station from Myanmar (Burma) in Asia.

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New Wave " filmmakers are driving the film business forward

A up-and-coming group of young filmmakers inspires the audience with inventive works that defy a weary, in centuries hardly altered movie productionscape. EXCITMENT WAS among movie lovers for a few months before the psychothriller Nya ("Night") was commercially released last July. Risking to catch the contagious bug kept enthusiastic supporters - and even some of Htoo Paing Zawoo's family - away from his d├ębut work.

Not only did he make a win, he was even shown several shows in Singapore at the end of April and the beginning of May - a very unusual performance for a Myanmar screen. Nya's blockbuster hits and follow-up publications - the Nyan Htin Htin, 35, and Christina Kyi's Mudra Yae Khaw Than ("Mudras Calling") are being pushed by an audience looking for a new way into films that reject the weary formulae of the past.

Reviewer say that the movie theaters are sounding with the highest level of acclaim in centuries, as the audience shows their esteem for the innova tion. In the wake of the popularity of these "New Wave" movies, the movie business is being challenged, considered to be unimaginative and more interested in making more than in music.

Recently, a group of young film enthusiasts intensified their Paw Kar Myar Yat ("Stop Silly Movies") advertising campaigns against film and video by renowned film and actor masters. "And when big pictures like Nya come, they show that the motives cited by renowned film makers and actresses are just unfounded excuses," an older member of Paw Kar said to Frontier.

The four founding fathers of Paw Kar - a writer, attorney, part-time professor and a Master of Political and Social Sciences graduate scholar - say that the films that predominate the markets often use trashy humor that can have a detrimental effect by strengthening the stereotype. It is not uncommon that these films ridicule handicapped persons or make a joke about different sex, ethnicities and religions.

"To make films that make fun of these things must be condemned. Stupid movie scriptwriters keep rewriting scripts that humiliate those who have sex or those with black skin," said the Paw Kar member. Ar Kar quit his high-income IT engineering career in Singapore more than six years ago to pursue his dreams of becoming a movie-maker.

There was a fight in the early years because a lack of producer who financed films implied that Ar Kar, 29, was not able to make the kind of movie he wanted. ARKAR Production produced video clips and advertising spots and took part in independant movie-festival. The Wathann and Art of Freedom Films and Musical Festival, which first took place in 2011 and 2012, respectively, when the state emerged from a decade of war.

It has attracted the attention of some of the few manufacturers who want to make investments in young directors' films. His first big comeback as a stage manager for The Mystery of Myanmar: Away from the Dote-Tha-Waddy, which was acclaimed by many cinemagoers. "It was a major problem for this new movie because it was very difficult to get it to the theaters," said Ar Kar.

Movie theatre operators choose to watch films in a personal previews before they decide to show them. Myanmar's secret: The world premiere of Beyond the Dote-Tha-Waddy took place on May 4 in Yangon, month after Ar Kar had been hoping it would be out. The shortage of movie theaters is one problem: years of negligence mean that many have been shut down or even gone on sale, and there are only 102 still working theaters.

The only cinema in the state of Rakhine, in the capitol Sittwe, closes. Approximately three fourths of the working movie theatres are held by the Mingalar Cinema Group network, which can mean fierce rivalry with the enterprise for personal screening. Being able to show your movie on Mingalar's monitors can mean the distinction between a paralyzing loser and a sizeable win.

One of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization's key players is committed to helping overcome the lack of theaters. Each of Thailand and Malaysia has at least 1,000 theatres. When asked about the new directors' films, Zaw Min said that such a choice could best be addressed by figures from the cassettes.

"They may be good but there are big differences in what cinema-goers like; some like cute, some like salt and some like flavor. Cinema is run by what the audience wants to see," he said. Mr Ar Kar proposed to the authorities to help create a funds for investment to help build more theatres.

The up-and-coming young producers fear, however, that the expansion of the cinema could offer more possibilities for the creators of the so far dominant inferior film. Though not a newcomer, since his return to Myanmar in 2003 he has also tried to make innovative, high-quality film and educate the next generations of moviemakers.

"I would like to ask the film making industries what kind of film they would make if there were enough theaters. With the exception of the few young filmmakers, all other filmmakers will keep making simple, stupid films," Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi commented. "Governors like MMPO should establish qualitycontrol criteria under which to classify film, otherwise stupid film will still predominate the market," he said.

Stupid films? There is a unanimous view among new-wavemakers, reviewers and viewers, which corresponds to the concept of a "stupid film". Plagiarisms are also an important topic, as many of these films are either produced abroad or were made during the glorious era of Myanmar's movie business - before they became less important under the oppressive system of censure that was established after General Ne Win took over in 1962.

A replica of the Bollywood horn movie Kanchana, Tar Tay Gyi was one of the winners of this year's Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards in Yangon in March. A number of people said the choice to award a copy movie award at the industry's major international show was not ethical. Young filmmakers were dissapointed by this year's Oscars.

However, many actresses and producers are angry about the Paw Kar advertising and the proposal that the sector must be shocked by a "new wave" of film-makers. The Myanmar Motion Picture Organization Patrron U Soe Moe, 72, said some could use the initiative to develop their own notoriety.

"When you can make really good pictures, you can last a long while. Not only does the movie business last a year. I have been here for over 50 years and have won Oscar prizes, and my works have been shown in other world. Experienced filmmaker Win Pe said the Acadamy Award has never been on the right path since its inauguration in 1952.

A further issue was that the goverment had permitted officers to be on the select committee rather than seasoned experts from the movie business, he said. "But in comparison to the movie industries in other emerging markets, we need several hundred members of the executive committee to complete certain Oscar awards, and we also need to give the audience a greater say in the choice of nominees," he said.

Mr Ar Kar said the executive committee needed to become more open, and if not, there was a danger that another sector organization would give it. This year' s award ceremony was for the first occasion hosted by State Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, together with Minister of Information U Pe Myint.

Aung San Suu Kyi promised in a keynote address to the meeting the government's commitment to the movie business and called on the artist to bring the standard of productions up to what she had reached as a kid. Myanmar's Department of Motion Picture Processing, which reports to the Ministry of Information, is the primary regulatory body for the motion picture and television industries and its responsibilities extend from grading to DVD manufacturing.

Experienced filmmaker Win Pe has urged the new warden to make up for the loss of experience. Paw Kar's creators refute the claim of the producers of inferior film that their works are a reaction to public demands. You said that many poeple, for want of training, do not know that they are being exploit by the producers of this kind of film.

29-year-old Yangon aficionado Ko Zaw Min Aung has rejected Myanmar films for a decade; he detests "stupid films".

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