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"The theaters were hot, loud and showing black and white films," he said.

Myanmar Hot Air Balloon Show - Hot Air Balloons - Top Travel Places

Hot Air Ballon Festival and Competition takes place every year between October 27 and November 1 in Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma). They are made of shot-print. They need about 50 kg of fire wood to be able to fly. Fastened to the ballon in a specially designed cage. Picture a 50 kg fuel wood fired ballon that flies over 10 - 20,000 drunken people.

A number of hot air balloon holders also put a firework display on the hot air balloon in order to draw the audience. Watch a short film about what happens when the hot air ballon does not go away.

Forbidden' Rambo' a hot product in Myanmar

YANGON, MYANMAR - POLICE in military-led Myanmar have forbidden video salesmen from distributing the new'Rambo' movie about a Vietnam vet who fights the Junior Army, but that has not prevented it. Many clients keep asking for'Rambo 4', but I don't dare to do it.

I have been told by the cops that if I sold the latest movie, I could go to prison for up to seven years," said a provider who refused to be called. One other salesman said that at least 20 clients asked him every single working days if he had a copy of'Rambo'. I don't even know what kind of movie it is.

I' d like to see it too, but even among the vendors it's very hard to get copies," he said. With New Year's Eve Stallone, the bloodthirsty sequel to the 80's classical movie trio, John Rambo, a vet, fights Myanmar to save trapped Karen people. Represented as sadist and corrupt by Myanmar's army, the movie was recently opened in the United States and Singapore against the background of continued Karen minority prosecution by the Burmese dictators.

On Thursday, a top Myanmar Karen leaders was murdered by two armed men in his exiled home in Thailand, fueling speculations among Myanmar's exiled that Pado Manh Sha may have been murdered by the regime. The forbidden Rambo movie has become one of the most coveted DVD in Yangon, causing a sensation among cinemagoers.

A lot of folks talk about this movie, but I can't buy it anywhere," a 30-year-old businessman who refused to be ID'd cried. Said he had also tried several attempts to get the movie from the web. I asked a salesman on a disc where I could buy the movie, but he said I could buy anything - even forbidden porno video from India, China, Japan and South Korea - but not Gambo 4," he shook his shoulders.

I saw the film at home with my wife and daughter and gave it to my boyfriends because I wanted them to see it," he said. I like the film a lot because Cambo was fighting Myanmar's soldiers," said the campaigner, who refused to be called. Selling pirate copies of DVD's, especially from neighboring China, is against the law in Myanmar, but the law seldom tackles the flourishing streets.

The youngest of the 25-year-old students Mu Mu is unattractive - she has chosen drama from Korea. I' m not interested in seeing rambos. Sellers said there were some Xeroxes of rambos smuggling out of Singapore, but the sound and visuals were not good. You are advising Myanmar clients to await pirate copied DVD's from China.

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