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Accords for Myanmar Movie song Nay Toe and Eaindra Kyaw Zin YouTube. Please see contact information and details about Nay Toe. A man in Myanmar sends ten letters to a woman in Thailand who loves and misses so much. The actor Nay Toe talks about the opening of his film studio "Story Book". Thoms Coffee takes the first step in Myanmar/ YangonLife.

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In the early stages of his carreer, he began to earn appreciation by participating in musical video. He was also drawn to drama and began to learn what it took to become a good actres. But he did not attend official schools or education to learn drama.

In 2001, he appeared in a movie called 3 Wochen, which was the first movie he appeared in the lead role[3] With the continuing persistence and devotion in his artistic work, he has from year to year found increasing acclaim among Myanmar audiences. He has since made a name for himself not only on the big screens but also on stages.

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