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No. (Nga/1047), Thudamar Road, near Waziyar bus stop, North Okkalapa Township, Yangon. Nr.30 (A), 3rd floor, room (A), U Tun Lin Chan Street, Hledan, Kamaryut Township, Yangon . No. 135, Thirtieth Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon. No( (152), Thirtieth Street(Middle), Pabedan Township, Yangon. Yangon. No( (162), Thirtieth Street(Middle), Pabedan Township, Yangon. No( (159), Thirtieth Street(Middle), Pabedan Township, Yangon.

No( (122), 28th Street(Middle), Pabedan Township, Yangon. No( (141), Thirtieth Street(Middle), Pabedan Township, Yangon. No( (158-A), Thirtieth Street(Middle), Pabedan Township, Yangon. No((153), corner of Bargayar Road and Zabuyit Road, near Sanchaung Fire Service Department, Sanchaung Township, Yangon. On 62nd Street, Between Khaing Shwe Wah Street & Za Lat Wah Street, No.43, 62th Rd, Between 32 x 33 Rd, 58 Street, Between 26 and 27 Street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, No. 7, corner Saunder Art & Craft Museum, Sagaing Mandalay Road, Amarapura, 34 Street, corner 89 Street, Daywon, The Corner of Aung Mingalar(2)Street and Bogyoke Aung San Street "Monywa, Sagaing Region .

They' re calling it Myanmar: Raising the curtain | Film review

Given the conditions of its creation, it seems rude to bemoan the absence of esthetic adventure with which film maker Robert H. Lieberman put together his new film They Call It Myanmar: Burma's Burmese government, also known as Myanmar, has been infamous in its efforts to monitor not only its own people but also the pictures that emerge from it through various types of medium.

He covertly made the movie for three years while in Burma as a Specialized Senor Fulbright he helped young Myanmar moviemakers, and, if nothing else, they call it Myanmar is a bold act of reporting by him and his staff. "Rangoon, Mandalay, Burma," Lieberman says in his voice over narrative in the first few minutes of the movie, emphasizing various strange ideas about this land that have been driven around over the last hundred years.

However, while some areas of Burma still carry rich vestiges of its historic past, the remainder of the land seems to be in a state of neglect. R├ęberman delves more deeply into the people' s histories and cultures than most newspapers have done, making some obvious links, such as the one with Lieberman, who finds a possible response to why the Burmese have been accepting their Burmese army regime for so long by researching the place of Buddhism in their world.

"Sometimes too content....", an interviewee told the film-maker, who impliedly binds Buddhism's faith in being happy with what one has with the absence of lasting domestic protests of the Myanmar nation against its ruling army - at least until recently. He also delves deeply into Burma's long and historic past, from the Anglo-Burmese War of the 1800s to his years as an autonomous nation, before a coup initiated the army jungle to get a feeling of how far the nation has plummeted since its glorious time as an empire and why its economy is as badly in form as it is today.

The recent policy reform in Myanmar's administration (a new constitutional treaty, a loosening of media restrictions, etc.) suggests that the nation may at last be on the road to liberty. Lieberman's movie also sees hopes for the countrys young people's futures, many of whom seem to show greater commitment than their ancestors.

While the Burmese may not get to see a movie like They Call It Myanmar, for us from the outside, we have at least this impressionist, curious portrayal of a curious document that reminds us where this restless country comes from and where it could go.

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