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Find out why you can watch Myanmar Movies, videos on Myanmar Movie Channel. Many thanks to all who support this channel! Look at this simple dish and don't forget to prepare it at home. But the whole world can now see a TV station in Myanmar. It has taken almost two years for the film that is now being made.

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Cat hydroelectric station meets the need for dependable energy supplies and with 13 CG260 generators produces a capacity of at least 80 percent of 50 MW. It will help to avoid day-to-day blackouts in the state. The Cat facility is maintained and managed by the Cat dealer MSP Cat, which has a 30-year working contract with the investment company UPP Powers (Myanmar) Ltd.

Under the direction of Frank Fuhrmann, Communication/Press and New Media Advisor at Caterpillar Energy Solutiions, a four-man camera crews travelled from Mannheim to the Myanmar site in early February 2015 to make a documentary movie about the Myanmar nuclear reactor site. On a Facebook channel, the movie staff also told about the local community and the area.

Myanmar's Power Tour has been sharing with more than 600 national and international co-workers and family.

Offensive' Thailand Royal Palaces Lemon Shop Annoys Myanmar

The Thai soaps that seem to show the intrigues of Burma's Palast have upset some in Myanmar, one of them a descendent of Myanmar's last sovereign. Soe-Win, the great-grandson of Thibaw, has appealed for the show to be canceled because it is "insulting". However, the makers of the historic play, A Lady's Flemings, have claimed that it is fictitious.

Bangladesh governs the presentation and coverage of its own empire in strict accordance with its majestic Law. Also known as Plerng Phra Nang in Thai, A Lady's Flemings represents the gory policy of a Southeast Asia empire of the nineteenth century, which Myanmar, also known as Burma, seems to be very similar. A few have noticed that it is very similar to Hsinbyumashin, a true Myanmar palatial couple who staged the massacres of numerous royal families so that Thibaw could take the seat of the king.

Thibav resigned and the Myanmar Empire was suppressed in 1885 when English troops conquered and raided Burma. A few people from Burma have also seen the show's costume and the settings are remarkably similar to those of the Myanmar courtyard. A Facebook member named Cho Lay published a number of images of the show's character and complained that it was "defamation of Myanmar Royals".

Soe Win told the press that the tragedy was "tasteless" and that moments in which members of the regal families beat each other were "quite offensive, as if we were wild". It urged Thailand to end the tragedy of "developing our..... relationships as good neighbours". The Thai message post Khaosod reports that A Lady's Flames is a re-make of a 1996 play inspired by historic Myanmar literature.

However, a show produced by Khaosod, which is broadcast on Thailand's Channel 7, said that "it has nothing to do with Burma and is totally fictitious, with the outfits and the settings not intended to evocate a particular land or a particular age. Myanmar and Thailand have had hostilities for hundreds of years after waging several battles against each other.

Myanmar character often appear in Thai history plays and are usually portrayed as sly or rogue.

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