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Burmese Classic Myanmar Film

" Yin Go Aye Mya Ya Zay Thar"; Burmese film on Myanmar TV. They' re hoping to distribute the DVDs of the film in Myanmar beforehand. We also have a good film about this story. Where are some films from Myanmar?

A must, a classic novel about Burma.

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The festival ends on Sunday 13 November, but you still have plenty of free air to watch these classic movies from around the globe.... and beyond. The Burmese Harp by Kon Ichikawa was one of the first movies to present the impact of the Second War from the perspective of the Japan War.

In 1957 the movie was shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Cinematography. Burmese harp recounts the tale of an imperial army regime in Japan that surrendered to Burma's armed services at the end of the Second World War. One of the most stunning anti-war testimonies of Japan's war heritage to this day.

We had so much footage to make the movie that it would have been too costly and dangerous to transport to Burma. Instead, the movie was filmed in places like Yasui, Hakone and the Izu-penninsula. Myanmar filmmaker Maung Wunna provides a captivating look at Burma's traveling theater in his drama Tender are the Feet (Ché pawa nu nu nu).

It has been digitally renovated by Yangon School and had its first screening at the sixty-fourth annual Berlin Filmfestival in 2014. His Lin (Zaw Lwin) is the percussionist of a Burmese folk theatre group in Rangoon, but gets disappointed when one of the performers turns against - not with - the beats and turns away from his group.

Maung Wuna's Myanmar Times in 2014 said that the movie did not attract much interest when it was first out there. "Anyone who believes that only savages are living in the jungles is wrong," says Maung Tin Maung's 1934 silence movie Mya Ganaing (The Emerald Jungle).

Myanmar Mya Ganaing, the oldest movie in Myanmar for which there are still items, was renovated by the non-profit organization Memory Cinema and shown for the first in Myanmar. Filmfestival on November 4th. This movie is about the diabolically good-looking Ko Chit Swe, who comes on horse back into the jungles to save a dying Myint Myint, the grand-daughter of a prosperous saw mill operator who quickly fell in sweet sorrow with him - but not before he fights a bunch of annoying outlaws.

Tin Maung worked for A1 Films, Burma's biggest movie studios at the moment, and is regarded as one of the founders of Myanmar cinemas. He made his first movie, Mya Ganaing. German comedian U Chit Shwe (Ko Chit Swe) does all his own gestunts in the movie, among them the swing of twigs and some very real fights.

Regarded by many as the greatest sci-fi movie of all times, Stanley Kubrick's 1968 poem A Space Ulysses got blended critiques when it came to the theaters - 241 released during its debut - but it became a celebrity and later became the top-selling 1968 US movie, which was later shortlisted for four Academy Awards.

Stanley Kubrick wanted an Lloyd's of London health plan to cover himself against loss if alien intelligentsia is detected before the film is out. This was the first film to have won all five Academy Awards (Best Film, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay), an achievement that was only achieved in 1975 with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The Library of Congress chose the movie as "culturally, historically or esthetically significant" for conservation in the United States National Movie Registry in 1993. Both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were movie aficionados, according to an 2014 Telegraph document.

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