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Myanmar International Film Heritage Festival

As today's cinemas are ruled by visuals and 3-D remakees trying to conceal their weaknesses, it's a good moment to look back into the past to find out more. There is a place for visuals that can help performers build and bring to life realities that exist in their heads.

As Jason Sliva put it in cinemas as a map of the spirit and so beautifully: We can be awakened to our inner geniuses by a great movie. It is a great movie that can impress our awareness and change us from within. One unlucky side effect of dependence on specific events is the inertia of cinematography.

It is this shortage of art that makes a movie clean and throw-away, a unique pleasure you will not return to because there is nothing else to do. That' s why I am always pleased to see entity companies working to maintain the classical movie and make it accessible to a broader view.

The cinema is one of these organisations that is operating in Southeast Asia. From 29 May to 7 June you can see renovated Classics from Asia and the West in Yagon, Myanmar. I am an Asiatic and cinema addict and have bundled my love for Asiatic culture and movies in my blog. I' m writing critiques about asiatic movie and movie festival, as well as interviews with moviepros.

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