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New Myanmar Movie 2017

Filmmakers warn that new rules for their industry could lead to a return to military censorship. 19 March 2017. In: The Myanmar film industry has made a good start with its first film, released in 1920. A previous version of this article misrepresented the status of the proposed reforms to Myanmar's online defamation law. See and find the answers in the new MCCA documentation: `Warm days:

The Myanmar movie at the Cannes Festival 2017

Wera and Aung Min's Myanmar movie project One Summer Day was chosen for the Festival de Cannes 2017- La Fabrique des Cinémas du mode. As per a statement, EMORY! Myanmar Script Fund and the International Filmfestival are delighted to announce that the movie is one of 10 worldwide films chosen in La Fabrique de Cinémas du Mode at the Festival de Cannes 2017.

Writer Aung Min and director Wera were part of the short-list of nine short-listed films for the Myanmmar Script Fund in November 2016 at the MEMORY Film Festival in Yangon, Myanmar. In August 2016, the Locarno Festival Open Doors Locarno Lab already chose the film.

The first Myanmar Script Fund competition and educational program took place in 2016 as part of the MEMORY Festival in Yangon. The nine shortlisted films were presented to an Oscar winning panel under the chairmanship of Michel Hazanavicius. Recognized multinational institutes such as Locarno Filmfestival/Open Doors, FAMU (Czech Republic), Myanmar Motion Picture Organization (MMPO), Yangon Filmschool and Arte Cinema were important business associates alongside the Institut Français and the Goethe Institut with the help of the Forever Group.

Myanmar Scripts Fund 2017 will open for the new funding procedure in May 2017. Contest and coaches will take place within the MEMORY International Filmfestival 2017 (November 3-12, 2017). A full-length movie is one of the most demanding quests for a young filmmaker, all over the world: The Myanmar script fund (MSF) is aimed at helping to identify and coach young talent at an early phase of their screenplay work.

Wemaere and Duval, co-directors of MEMORY Festival and Myanmar Script Fund, said the goal is to help revive the Myanmar movie business, with an overseas presence for upcoming ventures.

The Myanmar movie business rejects new sanctions for graffiti

Filmmakers warn that new regulations for their sector could result in a resumption of army censure. These guidelines, developed by the government's Public Service Capacity Assessments Committee, came into effect on 1 December. The deputy general manager of the evaluation committee, U Win Kyi, says the aim of the new regulations is to entertain the audience without "sending the right message".

We are focused on delivering high-fidelity films to the public," he said. Mr. Borg added that the regulations were established because the films had worsened in terms of the number of films with or without sexprocess. Issues of political or art liberty remain very delicate in Myanmar, as the often tough implementation of the former army regime's restrictions on the use of copyright has resulted in the imprisonment of artists and entertainers for their opinions.

On December 1, a committee of former members of the Executive Committee and members of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organisation (MMPO) was formed with the involvement of manufacturing com-panies. Movie producer Kyi Phyu Shin said she was afraid that, although the executive committee had said that it would limit the sexual scene, the way politics are dealt with could also be limited.

"We cannot tolerate that films must be censored as before," she said, and added that such limitations would be particularly undesirable, as printing and other forms of communication enjoy greater liberty. "We want the liberty to design our films," she said, demanding a debate on the issue between the" respectable and professionally filmmakers" of the MPO.

"They are able to express the filmmakers' point of views in any debate about what cuts should be made," she said. Myanmar Times was informed by Lu Min, president of the MPO, an actress and producer, that he could not tolerate the reintroduction of limitations from war. "I mentioned this to Information Minister U Ye Htut, who said that this step was only aimed at poor movies.

However, he said, I am opposed to the notion of the censor returning. MMPO deputy chairman Aye Kyu Lay said the limitations on movies, video and VCD' came into effect on December 1. The judging committee's proclamation of the new set of laws said that the laws would prohibit sequences and languages that are "unsuitable for visiting families": actions and languages that could mislead youngsters, discriminatory practices against religions or sequences that could stir up on the basis of religious beliefs, clothing that is incompatible with Myanmar's tradition, non-mainstreaming movies, uned movies and "non-quality" movies.

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