Myanmar Movie 2016 nay toe

film Myanmar 2016 nay toe

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???????????????????? ?????? ????????????? ? Nay Toe. Watch Ta'ang 2016 Full Movie Streaming Online in HD-720p video quality Ta. On September 3, 2016, We Love Nay Toe members hosted a birthday party for actor Nay Toe at Pyin Oo Lwin. This is Shwe Yi, who plays her young grandmother; and Nay Toe in the role of a Myanmar aristocrat.

Nay Toe's Pre Birthday Party

On September 3, 2016, We License Nay Toe members hosted a surprise anniversary celebration for Nay Toe at Pyin Oo Lwin. It is the actor's real anniversary on September 9, but since he will not be in Yangon on that date due to his movie program, the We love Nay Toe members were planning an even for him.

About 40 members of the Weove Nay Toe Group took part in the anniversary celebration and also contributed the funds to the Mahar Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda. The members also planed to make donations in the Ywarthargyi Mental Hospitals, in the children's health clinic and in Thanlyin Mom's drug center.

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After the death of his dad Khune Tha (Nay Toe), who is living with his grandpa in the home of Htar Thakhin (Phway Phway) in Pyinoolwin as a steward. Thakhin Htar went to her home in Pyinoolwin and saw Khune Tha for the first and youngest of all. She' s been harassing Khune Tha in all sorts of ways from her early years into adulthood.

And Khune Tha is tolerant because his grandpa says. The fate of Htar Thakhin has changed after a few years. When Khune Tha came to Yangon, she worked really well and happened to be a milionaire. Khune Tha happened to meet Htar Thakhin at the center where she works one of these days, and Khune Tha had a plot to take vengeance on her.

It was Thet Mon Myint who was the first female actor in the movie. The Phway Phway was substituted at Thet Mon Myint. Though there were many massacres on Phway Phway, she made it. The movie had trouble shooting and screening.

Transfers from Bangkok to Mandalay (2016)

As Jaden, who grew up in the USA, returned to his native Myanmar to look for his origins, he discovered a shockin' reality, a new kind of affection and finally a possible home town. Covert, sorrowful romance between two Myanmar young men had trouble in their lifelong companionship after being wed.

A group of immigrant people from Burma on the run from the conflict in their own countries in their quest for a new home in Thailand. Lynn, an ingenious high scholar who makes a living trying to cheat, gets a new job that makes her decide to settle in Sydney, Australia. To fulfill the Million-Baht mission, Lynn and her schoolmates must pass the STIC (SAT) test and return the responses to their Thai mates before the test is held again in their home state.

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