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Nay Toe & Shwe Hmone Yati True Love Trailer. This is ANUBIS (2016 Burmese Movie), the mysterious horror film. The Myanmar Academy Awards 2016 contributed by Khin Lay Article Translation: Edition 5 (2017) - Edition 4 (2016) - Edition 3 (2015) - Myanmar Film Heritage Project - Schedule. These statistics show the total population of Myanmar, also known as Burma, from 2012 to 2022.

Classical Myanmar movie Mya Ganaing for the'Premiere' at the Schweizer Filmfestival

Myanmar veteran Mya Ganaing will be presented on August 13 at the Festival del Movie Locarno in Switzerland in its revised form, presented by Daw Grace SweZin Htaik, Director of International Relations Department at Myanmar Motion Picture Organization. Maung Tin Maung's Mya Ganaing or The Emerald Jungle (1934) is the oldest Myanmar movie from which there are still existing parts.

Al-maung Tin Maung, one of the founding father of Myanmar cinemas, worked in the 1930' s as an actress, vocalist, filmmaker as well as executive producer with A1 Movies, one of the major Myanmar based producers that produced movies all over Asia. Movies began in Myanmar as early as 1920 and have evolved over several dozen years into one of the most vibrant movie industry in Asia.

By 2015, an analysis of the archive showed a crucial picture because there are still less than 20 movies. Cinema has authorized and started an extensive conservation program by Myanmar's Ministry of Information aimed at rebuilding the country's collections, avoiding further scattering and loss of production and researching missing movies in Myanmar and abroad.

For Myanmar's oldest film today, Mya Ganaing was selected for a conservation work by MEMORY Cinéma. Mya Ganaing was completely restored in 2016 from a duplicate negatives and a proof at the Myanmar Motion Picture Development Branch in Yangon.

Another silent piece of positives was found in the Arsenal Institute for Cinematography and Video Art's Arsenal Library, which made this feature available for the work. Mya Ganaing's digitized conservation, which has been widely promoted by several EU agencies, is the first tangible stage in this great Myanmar movie conservation work. It is a landmark in Myanmar's culture of those years.

In addition, the movie, which is now part of the official selection of a large global movie fest like Locarno, will give due emphasis to the glory of Myanmar's movie-makers. Cinemas ( "Cineteca di Bologna" and "L'Immagine Ritrovata" (Italy), French Embassy in Myanmar (France) and Myanmar Movie Heritage Society (Myanmar), Goethe Institute Myanmar (Germany), Swiss Development Cooperation & Swiss Embassy in Myanmar (Switzerland).

Headquartered in Paris and Yangon, it is a non-profit organisation active in the world of cinematography. It has two pillars: conservation and support of filmmaking assets, but also education and training for young people. Accessibility to filmmaking in the context of widely accessible movie theatres, in particular movie fairs; conservation work; loss-making movie shows; education... Most of their activities are currently taking place in Myanmar.

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