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By Simon Roughneen, March 17, 2014. Official revenues from jade exports from 2011 to 2014 amounted to $1.3 billion. In May 2014 she dethroned the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014. The new rules are another step backwards for Myanmar's crippled film industry.

From Jonah M. Kessel on December 2, 2014.

Bangkok in love with Myanmar (2014)

As Jaden, who grew up in the USA, returned to his native Myanmar to look for his origins, he discovered a shockin' reality, a new kind of affection and finally a possible home town. A group of immigrant people from Burma on the run from the conflict in their own countries in their quest for a new home in Thailand. Covert, sorrowful romance between two Myanmar young men had trouble in their lifelong companionship after being wed.

Myanmar's Jade Curse | Politics

There is a saying in China that says that the value of pure golden is inestimable. Since hundreds of years the people of China consider Java as an emperor's rock with mystic characteristics. The value of Java is being driven through the ceiling by the growing popularity of China. Auctions at this year's Shanghai World Jewellery Expo have set the opening offer for high-quality jewelry at more than 160 dollars per ounce, more than four fold the value of gold.

Despite the absence of scientifically based evaluation methodologies, elaborately crafted items made of high-quality Jadeit, known as Jadeit, are considered to be an appealing investment. Over the past few years, we have outperformed the property market. However, the Emperor's rock provides a condemnation of the deaths of Myanmar's treasury seekers, where China's Jadeit comes from.

Much of Myanmar's rough green has entered a dark and dark world. From 2011 to 2014, its formal income from the export of honeysuckle was $1.3 billion. However, Harvard University's Ash Center puts overall revenues from the sale of Java - even through informal sources - at $8 billion in 2011 alone, indicating that most of the revenues will not go to the treasury.

Myanmar's administration won't talk to us on film. However, our investigation shows a high-ranking corruption officer of the state working with business people in the illicit trafficking of Rohjade, involving assistance in forging fiscal forgeries. The north Kachin state follows us to Hpakant, a secluded mountain city, the spring of the world's best Java.

We hear from the responsible officers how they pay military and policemen on the smuggle path to China. Major coal miners ceased operation here in 2012 after the Kachin Independence Military and the Myanmar administration went to arms race last year and ended a 17-year cessation. In spite of the excitement, ten thousand small picker jets have swamped Hpakant to dig through the mine waste, putting their lives and limbs at risk to work under hard circumstances in the hope of winning the lottery.

Jadepicker Aik San puts the figure at 75 per cent of coalminers as a result of addiction. Concealed camera coverage gives us shock images of the caves that reveal the extent of the substance misuse affecting the lower abdomen of the prison. Prosperous gatherers are celebrating another gem as the auction for glittering jewelry articles reaches all-time high.

Jungheinrich 101 East examines the path of jet-trafficking and reveals the manpower costs of the emperor's masonry.

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