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According to the report, 15 films for the Myanmar Motion Picture Award 2011 were shortlisted. The 2011 Best Myanmar Motion Picture Award Board was updated by 7 employees of the department, 8 film artists, writers and musicians 2 people, a total of 17 people were found. Eight film artists were Us Aung Myint Myat ("Movie Artiste"), Us Aye Kyu Lay Movie Script Expert, Us Tin Aung (Panthar), Us Kyi Min Thein (Movie Sound Expert), Us Tin Nyein (Movie Edit Expert), Us Win Kyaw (Movie Background Sound Expert), Us Than Win (actor) and Daw Myint Myint Khine (actress).

They' re calling it the Myanmar curtain: movie review

A powerful portrayal of a little-known and even less popular state. Myanmar is what they call it - the curtains do justice to what comes behind the scenes: it really raises the curtains for the tyranny that has been overlooked. Undoubtedly, the reality surpasses the craftsmanship of this humble Cornell professorship and writer Robert H. Lieberman (Last Boy: A Novel), who used a stay as an educationalist in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) to make a memorable but deserted political nation one of the last strongholds of the entire regime.

Lieberman cautiously, but inquisitively, took us on a walk through his new surroundings: looks out of the plane windows, natives on the street - and noticed, as we all do, a wrong feeling of satisfaction, which could and can be interpreted as cheerful joy.

On the whole, however, engineering loans are good, as Lieberman was able to shoot completely free when there were no civil servants. Although his Aung San Suu Kyi interviews, who has clearly been the most promising person in Myanmar over the past 20 years and can now be seen on the big-screen through Luc Besson's The Lady, are somewhat less than expected, they offer a much more vivid image of a careers political figure than any previous work.

Even more important, he uses his precious moment to pull on our hearts, effectively: the most exhausted viewers get goosebumps from body shots that float around after a tidal wave, while the oppressing character of the regimes lives with you for an excessively long while. You call it Myanmar - The curtain cannot and should not be raised for single performances.

From now on, it is the final movie about a land, its people and an accident that was long ignored.

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