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CT October 13, 2016 | Updated 20:20 CT October 13, 2016. MYANMAR / 2016 / 10 min. A short animated film about the life of a Myanmar girl, inspired by real events. Myanmar Nyi Nyi Nyi Aung: Posted by Fong Bui on August 15, 2016.

As Myanmar migrant workers rescued a shipwrecked Smyrna to inspire a film

This is the real tale of how Myanmar fugitives gave new impetus to a wandering bishop's cathedral in Smyrna. All Saints " will be played by John Corbett from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Northern Exposure and Cara Buono from Stranger Things" and Made Men ", according to Affirm Films and Provident Films, the entity behind the film.

It' inspires from what was happening in the Episcopal All Saints' Day in the past year. They fought to find out how they could serve the group' s needs physically and spiritually and how they could afford to settle churches' accounts. "Smyrna's All Saints' Day history is inspirational. There' s a fugitive squad breathing new blood into this part of Middle Tennessee.

All the Saints' congregation members from near and far work together to serve in the name of Christ while sharing their knowledge," Bishop John Bauerschmidt of the Bishop's Diocese of Tennessee said in an e-mail. The film was shot by crew in Nashville and Smyrna, among others in the real Lee Victory Parkway chapel.

Shooting in Middle Tennessee should be completed by mid-October. What made you think the All Saints affair was a good one? It is a very topical history because they are fugitives. It is a tale I loved of these fugitives who tripped into a Christian congregation and found US Christians who hugged them and sacrificed them in person, in money and in many ways to welcome the Karen and show them the kind of affection one would want from Christians.

I am a Lutheran Evangelicist, but there is a completely different part of the Orthodox churches in America, often referred to as the main-line one. The thing I liked about this history is that it emerged from this main episcopal ministry and these individuals focus as much on their beliefs and love as many other Christians.

You think this one will be popular with the audience, especially with the ascent of it? The first is a kind of modern tragedy that presents the Christians beliefs in a very open and linear way. I' d classify "All Saints' Day" in this group. It is about those who by chance are those of God who live their life under perfectly normal conditions, but who overcome these barriers in an exceptional way.

This makes it much more naturally for humans. What is it like to make movies in Nashville and Middle Tennessee? We took a bunch of photos, but never in Tennessee. One of the first things we all spoke about when we found this script in 2011 was the fact that it was the location in Tennessee.

and they were intrigued by it. So I began to talk to the motion picture committee and said: "Look, this is a Tennessee tale. "The state through its default programmes and incentive was just unbelievably useful and collaborative in seeking a way to make this feature in Middle Tennessee and in its pristine position and with the primitive population.

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