Myanmar Motorcycle Rental

Burma Motorcycle Hire

Motorbike rental is available in most large and medium-sized cities (and all major tourist resorts except Bagan); it is usually easiest to ask at your hotel or guesthouse. When you are looking for road freedom, many parts of Myanmar are best explored by motorcycle.

It is our longest trip through Myanmar, traveling over 2000 km in 15 working day on 80%-90% paved highways.

It is our longest Myanmar route, traveling over 2000 km in 15 working day on 80%-90% paved highways. It will be a motorcycle journey like no other in an untouched, real and remote land that is just opening up to the people. We' ll drive up to the Shan Towns, the top of Pyin Oo Lwin, Inle Lake, the surf resort Naypyitaw, the huge Mount Victoria, Chin villas, the unbelievable Bagan, the sacred volcano Mount Popa and back to the culture of Myanmar, Mandalay.

In Mandalay, Shan Communities, Inle Lake, Chin State and Bagan, our language guide will help you improve your experiences by assisting you to get in touch with the many ethical groups we will encounter on our tour. We' re making this voyage on the highly dependable, convenient and covert Honda CRF250L, which is perfect for the off-road conditions and the distance we'll be traveling.

We' ll also have a road assistance vehicle for our journey so we can easily get there and make sure we get to any place on schedule, no matter that. A good mixture of noble, rural and medium sized accommodations will provide you with an unforgettable stay without being too much insulated from or absorbed by the surrounding area.

It will be an astonishing journey, in this historical instant, which we hopefully will be sharing with you.

Booking a motorcycle today!

I' m Tim, and I've lived in Myanmar for over 15 years. There' s such a big discrepancy in the experience you can make between traveling by car/bus and traveling by motorcycle. If you are on a motorcycle, you are no longer a lazy observer for the glances that pass by your windows.

Bicycles for hire to travelers who want the liberty to ride in Mandalay and its surroundings, or for more advanced people, you can take one of the bicycles with you for a longer trip through the area. However, there are some areas of the land that are taboo for visitors, so please try to give us a general impression of where you want to go and we will give you advice on what is possible.

At the moment Inle Lake and Bagan are off the radar for motorcycle travelers, except with a big one. Besides the rental of motorbikes we also provide a range of Big Bike Trips from Mandalay and the area. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know what you would like to see and experience, and we will do our best to make it possible.

There is a large choice of bicycles, from easy access bicycles to automated rollers, dirt bicycles and touris. If you want to explore the town of Mandalay for a few short or long day trips on your own, we will do our best to connect you with the bicycle that best fits you.

Motorcycle/roller from 90 to 125 cc (clutchless). Straightforward Chinese classics of the Honda Supercub. It is a fully automated 125 ccm engine, surprisingly silent, gentle and economic. Extremely light to handle and virtually bullet-proof. It is a dependable and funny bicycle to use. The DSR is a robust, sturdy off-road vehicle that takes you almost anywhere you want to take a bicycle with you.

It is also available with street or on/off-road tires (on request). The Honda Shadows are currently the largest motorbikes you will see on the streets. Wonderful, stylish and highly convenient - these bicycles will make your motorcycle trip through Myanmar an memorable one.

I' ll show you the bicycles. When you are happy, please fill out a signed document indicating that you are liable for your own activities and/or damage to the bicycle. A $50 security for each of the smaller bikes/scooters, $100 for the middle bicycles and the autoscooters, and $200 for the large bicycles (acceptable/preferably in national currencies).

When the rental is complete, you must give the bicycle(s) back in the state in which you rented it.

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