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Cardinal Bo says the West must give Myanmar more time. Burma has one of the lowest electrification rates in the world. At the Thingyan, the New Year's Water Festival, more women in Myanmar say they are being harassed. In Myanmar's inland forests, heavy rainfall absorbs water. Would you like to know more about Myanmar?

The EU prepares further penalties against Myanmar

Last year, the EU accused Myanmar of "serious and systemic" violation of people' s freedoms during a northern-western armed operations in which almost 700,000 Rohingya Muslims fled to neighboring Bangladesh. Now the EU weapons ban applies until the end of April and embargoes will be renewed for another year before the end of that period, according to diplomatic and civil servants.

This is also being extended to the already restricted education of the Myanmar army, they said. In October last year, the EU resolved to avoid Myanmar's general for the Rakhine state operations, which the United Nations calls racial cleanup. It is Yangon who denies these allegations. The EU source said the block could impose visas and assets freeze on other Myanmar soldiers in May or June, with Major General Maung Maung Soe on the party's name.

In December last year, the United States imposed penalties on the man responsible for the suppression of the Rohingya people in Rakhine. These murders were part of the wider battleground against the Rohingya. There are six other members of the EU also under consideration, the embassy said, although this has not yet been debated by all 28 Member States, which would have to decide unanimously on the introduction of penalties.

Western Myanmar ties fell as a result of the suppression of the Rohingya, although the South East Asia has made a transition to democracy in recent years.

Increased frequency and intensity of drought in the countryside of Myanmar is affecting their livelihood.

In the mornings and evenings she goes about one kilometre to the lake to get fresh air for cleaning, watering and cuisine. "It' s very difficult to get it and it'?s too far to get the water," she said. Because she can't buy water: "A car of soda will cost 1,000 kyat ($0.73).

When I get my own rinse, I can only do it once or twice a days, because[the pond] is far away". The Thin Thin Thin Yu's Nga Pyaw Kan in Yay Nan Chaung Township in the centre of Myanmar is characteristic of most of Myanmar's peasant villages, which are regarded as one of Myanmar's poorest raw material areas.

This arid area extends over the south part of the Sagaing Division, the west and central parts of the Mandalay Division and most parts of the Magway Division. There is a shortage of fresh waters in this rugged countryside, with thin foliage and arid, wind-swept soils. Today, long-term deprivation is associated with ever-increasing droughts and prolonged and frequent droughts, which are a major challenge for many peasant villages.

At the same town, Phyu Lone is a little luckier because he has a few hectares of arable land to cultivate peanuts and seeds and cattle, which includes goingats, which he is selling for money. Lun Pin Sho, a former head of the Lun Pin Sho community in the same township, says municipalities are conscious of the changed meteorological conditions and the effects on their harvests and living conditions are making them look for other avenues.

Says it was completely different 30 years ago because they had enough rain and pools for it. "Now we have to devote a great deal of our lives to getting ours. We' re going to buy bottled swill. It was a pond. Now, these lakes are dry. It was made by ditching with one's own hand to get under it with a little bit of pothol.

Droughts and droughts, coupled with a shortage of work and incomes, are causing homeless persons to move away from home in quest of a livelihood. "and Yangon," said Than Soe. "There are those who go to the seaside to work as labourers.

A lot of the population goes to Thailand and Malaysia, some to China. Nearly 50 homes have at least a few folks who have gone. Nearly half of the town has gone to Yangon and Mandalay," said Than Soe. What is the impact of climatic changes on Myanmar's countryside? What do they do about climatic hazards?

See the video "The Last Drop" to find out more about climatic hazards and uncertainty about the waters in Myanmar.

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