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Learn more about where we work in Myanmar. The reality is much more complex. Penalties did not really prevent foreign investment in Myanmar, they only blocked Western investment. We have increased our development investments in Myanmar in recent years. However, more than a year after Obama's historic journey, Myanmar is undergoing less democratic changes than one might think.


From 1958-1962, the Foundation's Myanmar bureau provided comprehensive assistance to the country's policy, economics, social and education policy improvements. In 2013, we established an agency in Yangon, working with governments, the non-governmental community and NGOs to meet the crucial needs of Myanmar, which is continuing to face the difficult shift from militarist authority to democratisation and from conflict to conflict.

The work we do involves developing the country's ability to integrate regionally and globally, strengthen institutional and procedural structures of good government, contribute to an informative dialogue on crucial questions related to the peacemaking exercise, support for integrated social economy policies, promote women's involvement and policy-making, and improve openness to information.

MEPs urge Myanmar régime to face up to the ICC | World Intelligence

United Kingdom must help to bring Myanmar's regimes to the attention of the ICTY for proof of state-sanctioned rahingya racial cleanup and atrocities. You also demanded a full overhaul of British assistance to Myanmar, which in 2018 was valued at 100 million, and said that the amounts were arranged at the moment of democratic change.

In concluding that no such transfer or real peacemaking is underway, the EESC added that they were banned from coming to the UK to see British relief operations when the Myanmar authorities refused top-level visa at the last second. At the United Nations, the concept of joint repression of the Myanmar government was blocked by the resistance of China, a member of the UNSC.

However, the commission says the UK and its coalition should continue to "seek assistance to the UNSC to bring Burma to the ICC and impose specific funding penalties on all identified clues. Burma is not a subscriber to the ICC. Following a visit to Myanmar last months by UNSCR, they demanded the secure returns of displaced persons, but also acknowledged Myanmar's independence.

Since the beginning of the August 2017 violent conflict, more than 680,000 Rohingha have been evicted from the state of Rakhine. Tensions arose in the British State Department over the extent to which Britain should give Myanmar's state adviser, Aung San Suu Kyi, further room for manoeuvre, as she had to pacify a country's army junta, which is still engaged in external relations and defense.

However, the UK parliament's commission says that the former Nobel laureate and imprisoned politician has become part of the issue. After this gloomy view, the EESC said that the UK government's official languages and measures against Myanmar needed to be changed drastically, inter alia by the imposition of specific penalties. But the UK authorities continue to support trading relations and are providing the Myanmar authorities with technological support.

According to the EESC, the only fundamental changes in its policies were the end of the financing of Myanmar's military. Having twice covered the distress of the Rakhine displaced people, the commission says they are now profoundly worried about the fragility and fragility of the Rohingya site in Bangladesh as the rainy monsoon approach.

lnternational Minister for Economic Cooperation and Co-operation Penny Mordaunt said: "Recognising that this is a man-made disaster, the United Kingdom remains at the forefront of the global reaction. In Burma we are redesigning our program to help those whose life has been destroyed by the war.

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