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UN leader demands more urgency on Myanmar for Rohingya's return

In May, the United Nations and Myanmar reached an accord that the UN hoped that finally tens of thousand of Rohingya could come back safe and voluntary. "Guterres said in a house of refugees in a south-east coastal Bangladesh shed, "This MOU is the first stage on the road to the gradual acknowledgement of the peoples' right.

The Myanmar administration had no one to respond to Guterres's declaration on Monday. Guterres' arrival came 10 month after an attack by Islamic fighters in Myanmar launched a militia attack that led more than 700,000 Rohingya - a predominantly Islamic ethnical minorities - to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh.

UN has described the action as ethnical purge, an assertion Myanmar disputes. A group of fugitives held fabric tags with their claims along a wet, slimy street in front of the animal sanctuary where Guterres and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim talked to the press: "Including Rohingya in Rohingya agreements" and "Dignified return must contain the full civil right as a Rohingya people group.

Several Rohingya rulers have said they would not approve the trade in its present state. Mr. Guterres said the treaty was an attempt by the UN to compel the Myanmar administration "to prepare the ground for possible further profits". Both he and Kim also emphasized that the secure and volunteer return of the Rohingya to Myanmar is a top order of priorities, but that it is urgently needed to help Bangladesh cope with the human catastrophe.

This follows last week's announcements by the Bank that it will make $480 million available to Bangladesh in aid of those who live in clogged homes of sand dunes made of wood chips, wood and plastics, threatened this months by fatal monsoons and marshlands. In Bangladesh, Kim said on Monday that the WB will look for ways to increase Bangladesh's capacity for economic growth - among the worlds impoverished countries - "because of the contributions they have made to the planet by welcoming the Rohingya".

The Rohingya who have been arriving in Bangladesh in recent month have told of Myanmar's massive murders, fires and rape by Myanmar's policeforce. Wellerres and Kim encountered some of these casualties in the refugee camp, who they said had some of the harshest circumstances they have ever seen.

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