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Monuments of Myanmar

Got to see Buddhist monuments in Myanmar. Like in many countries, Myanmar has mixed its history with traditional traditions and beliefs. See reviews and photos of Monuments & Statues in Yangon, Myanmar on TripAdvisor.

Myanmar's Top 10 Buddha Monuments

Burma is home to a variety of unbelievable buddhistic architecture-style. A multitude of Buddhistic buildings scattered throughout the entire land leave a permanent imprint on people. There are many exquisite monuments of Buddhism in Burma. They all mirror Burma's heritage of service to the world. The construction of churches, temples, shrines as well as Stupa is seen as a way to improve the reincarnation condition and to compensate for the violations of the present time.

Furthermore, the procurement of funding for the construction of a marquee deserves the sponsors respects and standing in the present world. Every day tens of thousand people flock around Myanmar's most magnificent church - the Shwedagon Lagoon - a building of spiritual splendour. When you can, you' ll be able to survive until early at night, when the hot rays of the sun set transform the golden crusted marble and its many smaller chests.

The Kyauk Htat Gyi is not really a typical Buddha palace in the strict estates. Though the 70 metre long statue is larger than the lying Buddha of Bago (see below), it is not so well known and revered. Also this Buddha is beautifully adorned, with colored mouth and eye, as well as excessive ear lobes.

There is also a center dedicated to the exploration of holy scripts in the area. Bago's special feature is the Shwemawdaw Woodenagoda. It has a lot of resemblance to the Shwedagon from the basis to the top and is even bigger than its more popular 114 metre high female comrade.

55 meters long and 16 meters high, it is not as tall as Yangon's younger Kyaukhtatgyi, but due to its long tradition and long tradition it is the best known and most popular of the two. The Maha Muni Pagoda is located 3 km southwards of Mandalay town center and is the most venerated Buddha sanctuary in Mandalay, thanks to the appearance of a splendid golden Buddha picture - the eponymous'Maha Muni' or'Great Sage'.

Adored by travellers from all over the globe, it is said to have been one of only five portraits of the Enlightened Being during his life. One conspicuous characteristic of the up to 3.8 meter high picture is the crushed golden coating. One of the most interesting places in Southeast Asia is the two huge Buddhas - one stands, one lies on this hill just east of Monywa.

First is a gigantic, 116 meter high Buddha - the Laykyun Setkyar - is said to be the second largest of its kind in the whole wide underworld. Situated at the base of the giants is an enormous lying Buddha, 95 meters long from top to toes. The 131-meter-high Aung Setykar Pagoda is home to ten thousand smaller Buddha sculptures resting in clean lines on shallow soil at the base of the area.

The majority were dug out between the fourteenth and eighteenth century, but with their peeled gypsum paintings and contemporary Buddha paintings, they are much older, like an appearance from the Middle Eastern silk road. Some of them leads to porticoes bordered by meditative or lying Buddhas. Its off-beat location makes it one of the best places for Buddhism in Myanmar.

Shwezigon Pagoda, located in the more built-up Nyuang U area of Bagan, is one of Myanmar's most venerated Buddhist shrines. Situated on a ridgetope 20 km southwards of the former Colon ian capitol Mawlamyine (Moulmein), the biggest lying Buddha of the land with a length of 180 meters is located. The Kyaiktiyo'Golden Rock' Pagoda is one of the most essential spectacle in Southeast Asia and crowned by a wooded crest in the far northern part of Mon State, 210km (130km) eastern of Yangon.

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