Myanmar Months

Burma Months

Myanmar calendar is a lunisolar calendar that ideally represents the movement of the sun and moon. High season and, when the Chinese New Year falls in the month, even more tourists from the region. Burma Months & Activities (Tagu) Print. The first month of the Myanmar calendar is'Tagu' (April). Below is the list of known festivals (in chronological order) in Myanmar.

intercalary years

Myanmar calendars are liunisolar calendars that represent the motion of the sky and mountains. Months are the months of the month of the moon and years are the years of the years of the stars, so the months of the Georgia and Myanmar calendars will differ. Myanmar calendars date from old India during the Kali Yuga era in 3102 BC.

Calibrated by King AƱjana (?????), the motherly Buddha's grandpa, in 691 BC. Re-calibrated by a monk board in 544 B.C. to begin a new period generally known as the Buddhist period (?????????). Together with the new age a new calender system was established, launched or period passed on the year of Buddha or ?????????????.

It is based on the famed Surya Siddhanta, ???????????, the oldest known astronomic principle. Myanmar history traces the origins of the Myanmar calendars as far back as India with the advent of the Kali Yuga era in 3102 BC. This groundbreaking calendars is said to have been re-calibrated by King AƱjana (?????), the motherly grandpa of Buddha in 691 BC.

These calendars were again re-calibrated and superseded by the Buddhist period, beginning in 544 BC. 1 ] The Buddhist period was adopted in the early Pyu city-states at the beginning of the common age. While the pagan kingdom initially followed the predominant Saka Pyu period, King Popa Sawrahan (r. 613-640) re-calibrated the calendars in 640 AD, renamed the new Kawza Thekkarit period (???? ????????)[3] with a year zero start date of March 22, 638 A.D.[4] It was used as a civilian calendars, while the Buddhist age as the

Myanmar's historic record and the Buddhaist scriptures indicate that 7 years have been set back. Kakarrahna, ????????????????, changed her present year 1149785 to a new age. Kuthala, King Kuthala, ???, changed her present Kuthala, King Kuthala, , changed her present year 14938560 to a new age. His Majesty King Iznna, ?????????, of Devadaha, ?????????, put her present year 8645 back to a new age, ????????????? or ???????????.

Following the first Buddhist Council, at ?????????? 148, King Ajatashatru, ???????, Of Magadha Empire, ??????? ??????????, a new Buddhist period begins with the help of Mah?kassapa, ?????????. During the Buddhist period 624, King Thamotedayi, ???????????????, by Thayakyittaya, ?????????????????, decreased the year by 622 and began the new period, ??????????????????? from year 2.

?????? 562, the twentieth king of the pagan nobility, ??????, King Papasawrahan, ????? ???????????, cut ??? 562, the twentieth king of the pagan nobility, ???, King Papasawrahan, ?? ???????????, cut the year by 560 and began the new epoch, ????????????????? from year 2. In the regular year Myanmar's system has 354 consecutive dates of 29 and 30 months. For the year added ??????????????, 30 day 2. Whatmonth, ?????????????, after the whatoemonth with 384 a year.

During the second year of intercalation, the second waso months are added to Nayon, ??????, which means 385 working nights a year. There' s a Myanmar proverb: "Look at the flower if you don't know the season". Ser Pyan Pwe" months - Buddhist scripture exams are given to religious and sisters.

Due to Buddhistic rules of behaviour, friars are limited to the cloister. The full lunar day of Waso is marking the year of Buddha's First Sermon of Dhamma Chakka, in the deer park of Isipatana. Marriage is not permitted during the sacred months. Yay Tan Ser Me` Pwe - "Ma Ha Dok Festival" A monthly charity draw.

Myanmar kings' times showed not only pace, but also killings and mercy. Lamp Festival - to remember the old celebrations of the sacrifice of light for the Buddha's comeback from Tawa thyshum. Authors' seasons and the open ( "Reading Festival") through arid and sunshiny summer with a hint of the cool.

The harvest season - good wheather, totally rain-free with sunshine and fresh, chilly evenings. Yar Pwel Pha - Pagoda Feast with stands of different kinds of product from different places. Stand owners usually travel from one party to another - Set Hna Pwel Zay Thel.

Burma Myin Khin Pwe - In the day of the Myanmar Magi, this months was the season for demonstrations - the King's Armed Services, Troopers, Infantry, Army Corps and Wars Elephant were raised to a full colour and marvel. The Hta Ma Neh Feast Festival - a mixture of gooey rices, grated coconuts, peanuts, and plenty of edible oils.

The Pagoda Feast - characterized by the construction of Stupa Sands. The Shwe Dagon Pagoda Feast is one of the high points of the months in Yangon (Rangoon) and should not be overlooked.

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