Myanmar Monsoon Season

Monsoon season in Myanmar

It seems to be the rainy season. Burma is not safe for Rohingya refugees as the monsoon season is looming in Bangladesh. Rainy season monks, Mawlamyine, Myanmar. the Rohingya, who fled the violence in neighbouring Myanmar. June is the rainy season in Myanmar, Yangon.

Monsun Weather Forecasting | Department of Meteorology and Hydrology

Forecast for 2018 Mid Monsoon Season Mid Monsoon Season Mid Monsoon Cycle Mid Monsoon Cycle Mid Monsoon Period is a time frame from July 1 to the end of August. Bengal Bay condition three low pressure..... Early Monsoon Season Early Monsoon Period The early monsoon season is the establishing of the southwest monsoon over Myanmar until the end of June.

Beginning of the south-west..... Rainy Season 0nset and retreat of the southwestern monsoon is expected to take place throughout the entire state on the first (10) day in June 2018. South-West Monsoon..... Three low pressures may occur over the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal and two may continue into the Bengal Sea.....

Forecast for 2017 Late Monsoon Forecast Late Monsoon Period Forecast Late Monsoon is a time frame that begins from September 1 to the date of monsoon retreat from all over the country........

Burma during the monsoon season

I just got back from 4 week in Myanmar and want to exchange my experiences. It was a present from my boy, a tutor who could only go in high season, so we had no other option but to go into high season. Both of us went to Yangon and my biggest worry was the wheather, but I was happy that we didn't live through any of the long rains I was afraid of, only occasionally a few chills, a few splashes and sometimes a flood of strong rains, especially in Yangon.

During the off-season we were lucky enough to be there when it was no trouble to find a room; we were even able to salvage for them as most of the rooms were available. Thinking that we probably wouldn't be able to hike and that the next best thing would be to take the long speed trains from Thazi to Kalaw and from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin, both of which I really enjoy.

Also we traveled by cab, coach, plane, and I thought that after two week my boy would know how to get back to Yangon to take his plane home, and he would surprise me by choosing the rail (the least expensive way, but also the slowest). On the Mandalay to Yangon overnight he was not too fortunate as they had run out of sleeping, and he didn't get much rest (maybe 4 hours) in his first classchair?

The most fortunate thing we discovered was that humans migrate during the monsoon season! From Kalaw to Inle Lake we chose a 2-day hike, which was the high point of our journey. On our first night in Kalaw we encountered a lady who ran a café and had a hiking servic.

Their leader and the guide's husbands went to the café after a hike, and we talked to them and agreed to go on a hike the very next morning. We had borrowed us some very good panchos and it was just starting to lighten up. Our leader and her man, the chef, were outstanding and the chef also took our backpacks to the town where we stayed the first evening and to the ship, where we finished our hike on the second morning, so that we only had to wear our backpacks and he also carved up some of our bamboos that would help us sail the silt.

My toe healed and I felt that the strain was rewarding despite my toe. Well, the worst spanner on our journey was actually a indigestion we both had in Hsipaw when we were living and dining at the Mr. Charles Hotel. In Hsipaw we didn't do any trekkings between my toe and my son's stomach ache where it hadn't rained for a whole weeks.

In fact it was very warm and we were happy when we reached Pyin Oo Lwin, where we found clouds, a little bit of precipitation and colder temp. For a few extra months I remained in Myanmar as my boy. One of my older friends came to Bagan and we did one of those 8-day high points of Myanmar touring.

I usually choose to go independent, but my girlfriend was 70 or more concerned about travelling to a land where she does not know the local tongue. It' just not that difficult to go to Myanmar alone. They are very supportive and kind. I feel secure travelling there.

I' ve had a great day and would like to come back one day, and I think I would come back during the monsoon season, I think his plus points predominate the minus points.

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